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DescriptionOriginal upload: 2013-09-13 |
This video is the first from Eastern Europe I've seen that can really compete with Bel Ami. At almost 2.5 hours [director's cut only], it is certainly ambitious. Let me state at the outset, however, that this video does not rely on the plot to motivate the sex, yet it is very plot-heavy, and that this plot is almost so ridiculous as to be embarrassing. The dubbed dialogue made me both laugh and wince. Briefly, a group of four (sometimes three) "white men" penetrate the jungle looking for the sacred gold protected by the Guardian (Grant) and his tribe of (white) natives. When the white men (none of them can be older than 20, however) capture one of the natives, they force him to drink a magic potion and then they pull out amulets, and stroke their cocks and chant before they fuck each other and their captive. When the native boys gather to talk about protecting their gold, and after they rescue their tribesmen, they, too, fuck each other. Pretty goofy stuff for a porno. But with eight sizzling sex scenes, and a cast of amazingly hot young men, who cares?

For that said, this is one of the hottest videos I've reviewed all year. The first scene is one of the best. After finding Mohamed unconscious in the jungle, Grant and L'Fontaine take him back to their hut where a hot three-way occurs. Although these young men are not as ripped as the Bel Ami variety, they are hearty, smooth, hung athletic types. One word: YUM! Grant and L'Fontaine are both blond gods; Mohamed is a dark hottie. The blowjobs are hungry and wet, and the cum is copious.

Highlights include amazingly beautiful boys (barely legal definitely springs to mind), big loads (including some self-licking), gorgeous outdoor scenery, a ridiculous plot, a two-hour plus running time, and lots of passionate groping. From the director of many Man's Best/Proof on File's films.

In the next scene, our four white men, brunettes D'Napoli, Reeves, Pegasus and Reardon, capture and drug blond native Carter. D'Napoli is an amazing little stud: smooth, tattooed and hung ... a real fuck-machine. It's really too bad he and Grant did not take a turn together in this video. D'Napoli fucks Carter's mouth in a scene that is beautifully shot, and then fucks Carter's tight boyhole as his pals give it to Reardon in both ends.

While collecting grub, Jakov and Mohamed take some time out for some jungle love. This scene has the least variety, with smooth, blond Jakov bent over the whole time taking it from Mohamed.

Next, our three white men (Reardon no longer appears in the video) capture and drug Morales, a long-haired, brunette young man who still has a bit of baby fat on him. Pegasus and Morales 69 while D'Napoli fucks Reeves. D'Napoli and Reeves make such a hot, beautiful pair of boy studs fucking. For some reason these near-perfect boys are hotter than the too-perfect Bel Ami boys for me. D'Napoli shoots a large goopy wad on Reeves' sweet boy butt.

Grant and Mohamed are paired again for some outdoor fucking. There is some nice camera work here that underscores the thick curve of Grant's big cock. He piston fucks Mohamed's ass and creams a messy load. Once again, Grant is an amazing specimen. I'd really love to see him in a porn with some higher production values to make him shine even more.

D'Napoli sends his pals to look for the gold so he can take a turn on Morales' ass. This scene is so smart and so hot. Morales stays on all fours as D'Napoli fingers his hole and pulls on his balls. Then D'Napoli takes his shirt off, leaves his shorts on, unzips and fucks Morales while still wearing his shorts. Nonetheless, we get to see his balls sway with the butt-pumping action. That boy just unzips, pulls it out and fucks boybutt – and that what makes this scene so unique and satisfying.

The natives eventually thwart the white men's evil plans, and somehow a four-way results. Grant takes on Reeves, and L'Fontaine and Pegasus couple next to them. Grant shines again as he fucks Reeves' mouth. L'Fontaine, too, shows himself to be a hungry cocksucker as he licks the cum off of Pegasus' cock.

Finally, Grant and L'Fontaine send their fellow natives off to their huts so they can do the nasty. This is a great concluding scene. Again, Grant's beautiful cock is shown off and put to good use: as a thick piece of dickmeat shoved down L'Fontaine's throat, or deeply penetrating his ass. Grant shoots a great load on L'Fontaine's ass, and L'Fontaine squirts a messy load on his own face. This is a great scene in an already amazing movie.

Treat yourself to this video, either for the holidays, or as a New Year's treat. Grant, D'Napoli and L'Fontaine already have a great star presence as boys who simply know how to fuck. They have the same kind of self-confidence as fuck machines that was seen in the young Kip Noll. All the boys, in fact, are DAMN sexy, and the cum squirts a'plenty. Bel Ami, watch out!

This is surely the most Caucasian jungle I've ever seen in my life, but as such, the boys are super-cute and super young international types. It's dubbed in what sounds like a janitor's closet, badly I might add, so do disregard that claim of "complete English synchronized voices and sound" boasted on the box's back in large print.

The sex noises are especially horrendous and overdone – even simple jerking off sounds like foley stolen from the climax of Babette's Feast or that scene from The Dark Crystal where the Skesis slurp and eat away in a manner appropriate for their vile species.

As for the action, it's run of the mill – but pretty consistent – hardcore, with trios, duos, orgies, etc. But it's made especially stupid by those overdubbed cockamamie moans, and the onscreen guys' glaring into the camera even as they try to make out. The "desire" faces themselves are overdone, too – if they enjoyed sex this much, their hearts would explode and aliens would rush down to investigate the energy surge, fearing the worst.

Eye candy this is, boys, and as such best suited for background porn at a club/darkroom, where the sound might be snuffed out, and the hot, hairless models given a new purpose.

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