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Gold Shaft vs Ray Dalton Cockfight Wrestling

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DescriptionHas the cockfight champ met his magnum-sized match?

It is hard to find two wrestlers more proud of their respective cocks than Gold Shaft and Ray Dalton. Both sexual gladiators have good reason to boast. As Gold Shaft demonstrated in the inaugural Cockfight 1, his sensational rod is huge, hard, and a brutal taskmaster. There are precious few cocks that can take a punch like Gold Shaft's magnificent member and then turn around and bludgeon the competition into a gasping, orgasmic submission.

It's a rare competitor with the balls to dare to go cock to cock with Gold Shaft. However, Ray Dalton is precisely that rare find. Ray's ever-ready erection is entirely proportional to his massively muscled body. The more an opponent fights back, the harder and huger Ray grows. Walking into this match, not only does he know exactly how big and brutal Gold Shaft's cock is. He's been fasting for days in anticipation of dominating the veteran and feasting on the reigning cockfight champ's legendary meat.

The sexual tension as they stare each other down is hot enough to start a fire. If somehow you manage to miss the carnal lust emanating from every pore, you won't be able to overlook their huge cocks swelling eagerly just being so close to each other. Gold Shaft wears his familiar yellow cockfight gear, with an extra-roomy pouch just barely large enough to contain him. Ray's power tool strains the seams of his camouflage square cuts.

With palpable erotic suspense, they inch closer and closer, barely restraining themselves from being the first to reach out and touch the tantalizing bodies so visibly attracted to one another. The first sexy contact is finally made, appropriately enough cock to cock, and the two cockfighters begin to grind and pummel their crotch monsters furiously.

The cock play abruptly spills over into full contact, no rules mat wrestling as Gold Shaft shoves Ray's massive pecs, sending the challenger stumbling backward. In response, Ray throttles his own cock in excitement. The more experienced masked wrestler goes on offense, snapping on a headlock and maneuvering the struggling muscle hunk to the mat.

Gold Shaft clearly has the speed and experience to put the muscled rookie's plans in jeopardy. But with a wink and grin, big Ray seductively slides Gold Shaft between his huge, hairy thighs and starts the meat grinder, crushing the veteran's body. The typically taciturn masked veteran grunts and gasps in pain, pounding the mat in frustration. With the champion locked down tight, Ray eagerly starts to throttle Gold Shaft's cock and balls, making the masked man writhe in ecstatic agony. "Yeah, that's it," Ray growls hungrily. The more Gold Shaft whimpers, the visibly harder big Ray grows.

You have to wonder if Gold Shaft has bitten off more than he can swallow in Ray Dalton. Mat experience and a magnum-sized reputation are on the champ's side, but every hard earned reversal finds him right back at the mercy of all that growling muscle. The rookie beast is too strong and too turned on to stymie for long. Their extra-large appendages take the brunt of the pounding, with cock claws and vicious punches brutally testing both contenders. Ray plays speed bag with champ's dangling pouch.

Gold Shaft drags the muscled rookie up off the mat with nothing but a handle on Ray's throbbing member. Sweaty schoolboy pins turn both wrestlers soaked bodies into slip and slides. Faces cock slapped, humiliating submissions traded, and the trunks finally come off for a sadistic game of naked sword play. Viciously, seductively, they drive one another closer and closer to the final, decisive loser cums screaming submission. Do we have a new reigning cockfight champion, or did Gold Shaft manage to conquer the raging beast? You're guaranteed a climactic finish to this full contact cockfight!
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