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Terrible Trilogy

Stars: Dr. Bob, Leather Rick, Lyonis, Snip, Donut

Slave and Master films are absolutely authentic S/M. They are both daring
and creative in exploring taboos. These guys just don't seen to be interested
in doing anything commonplace. Some people considered the Skulls to
be the nastiest men on Earth. They took no prisoners. Their S/M exploits
are legendary...What can I say about Leather Rick? He is the main Top
in the Skulls biker club. He is a large, menacing man who wears his leather
s like fortification. He is an outlaw, a prototypical Hells Angel with rancid,
overflowing balls. As a sadist, he is an outcast in the gay world.

UNDER THE LASH: Leather Rick Systematically Flogs all the piercings
(of which there are many) on his bottom's body.

THROUGH THE FLOOD: Snip is suspended by chains over a bathtub as
he is given a wine enema and repeatedly pissed on by 8 men. Did I say
he also sucks some dick?

OUT OF THE WOMB: In the first male anal childbirth ever to be recorded,
you are there for the delivery and will experience the joy of the proud
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