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DescriptionWilliam Higgins - Wank Party 2012 No 3 part2 only

Wank Party 2012 #3 is a really great one. It features Martin Kase, Honza Forst, Pavel Smidle Roman Ditrich and Jan Mikulec. Martin Kase is getting ready for a fire show, with the other guys watching on. As he does the show, twirling fire on chains they look on appreciatively. Martin really does a good show, blowing huge flames as he twirls. At the end the guys give him a good round of applause. Then Martin takes some sticks and lights them, running the flames up his arms and puts them in his mouth to distinguish them. He repeats the process several times and then chooses Jan Mikulec for some traing. But Jan is not very successful and 'eating fire' and Martin suggests that he might 'eat' something else. Meaning, of course, a cock. Jan begins to feel Martin's cock through his skirt and it quickly gets hard. Martin drops the skirt and Jan begins to suck him, with the others looking on. As Jan works on that big hard cock the other guys are getting horny and feel themselves, getting hard. Honza issoon naked and hard as well and Pavel moves over and starts to suck his hard cock. Roman is also hard and wanking as he reaches over to caress Honza. Roman soons wants more and moves over to take a turn at sucking Martin. Jan reaches down to wank Roman as he sucks. Pavel really sucks Honza well, licking up and down his shaft and taking the cock deep in his mouth. Then they stand and kiss each other, before Honza begins to suck Pavel's throbbing cock. All the guys are very turned on and they all lay down, in a circle each sucking the cock of another. We great a great view of group sucking, but things move on apace and soon they move again. Martin is on his knees with his cock deep in Roman's mouth. Roman's ass is easily available and Pavel is rimming it. Jan is on his back, legs in the air and Honza is rimming his ass, spitting on the hole and rubbing it in. Martin moves over and pushes his cock into Jan mouth for sucking so his mouth and ass are being attended to, with Honza fingering the hole. Taking a cue from Honza, Pavel begins to finger Roman's ass as well. As Jan's ass is being fingered Martin bends down and starts sucking on his hard cock. Those holes are being nicely prepared, fingers deep inside ready for more. That will be coming up in the next part, which will be online soon.
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