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Axel Flint, Trevor Jaden, Holt Brogan, Dominic Sol, Morgan Black, Greyson Kent, Zeke Johnson, Pedro Roxy, Rob Benson, Sam Bridle, Ben Bailey, Truckee Rivers

Axel & Trevor Flip Raw

For Trevor Jaden's birthday, he wanted one thing - to fuck his boyfriend, Axel Flint, bareback on the beach. Who was I to deny the birthday boy's wish?

You'd have thought it was my birthday, the way I scored with this scene - first time filming outdoors, first time having Trevor bottom, first time having Axel top, first time having either fuck raw. And to top it all off, this scene celebrates GuyBone's One Year Anniversary! What a sexy day for everyone!

The sun was hidden behind some haze, but it was plenty warm in the driftwood condo once these two studs started rubbing tongues, stripping each other, and sucking stiff cocks.

Both guys were anxious to rim the other's tight hole before sliding their erect dicks inside. Trevor topped Axel first, driving his rod as deep as possible, making his partner moan in delight.

Axel was up next, and I got the show I'd been waiting for. His big, thick dick plowed Trevor's incredibly tight ass doggie style. I always find it romantic when the top asks if he's hurting the bottom - such a simple question, but it shows a tender side that gets my dick rock hard. These two definitely brought romance and chemistry to the bedroom... er... beach.

When Trevor sat on Axel's hardon and rode it up and down, his own perfect boner bouncing to and fro, I thought I'd cum. These two had impeccable rhythm and obviously loved the way the others body felt.

Trevor was ready to top Axel a final time, bending his boyfriend over the wall of the driftwood condo and screwing him from behind. When they were ready to cum, Axel went first, dumping a load of hot jizz on Trevor's tongue. Trevor swallowed it speedily and went back to lick the excess spunk from Axel's piss slit. Then Trevor busted his own hot nut all over Axel's face. Such a huge cumshot! He helped clean Axel off by licking the cum off his boyfriend's cheek, then sharing a salty kiss.

Trevor and Axel gave me one helluva good scene, and I think it's safe to say, anyone watching will feel like their birthday wish has come true, too!

Axel Tops Holt Raw

Talk about a small world. I met and recruited Holt at an underwear party. He was interested, but his schedule was chaotic and he didn't have wheels to get to the studio. Trying to work my magic as I do, I set him up with Axel to carpool down for his shoot with Scotland and figured Axel could get a piece, too, as long as he was making the trek. When Holt looked up Axel on the site, he had a sudden realization... He and Axel had been fucking off camera for a few weeks already, neither of them aware that they were both GuyBone guys.

Needless to say, the carpool was not an issue and Holt got to bottom for both Axel and Scotland in one day. Because these two were regular fuck buddies, they decided to skip the condom and fuck raw. I was extremely excited to see the chemistry between these two. Axel had been reporting on his extracurricular topping sessions, I just had no idea that Holt was the bottom he'd been gaining all his new found confidence with.

It was evident that these two had been enjoying each others bodies, learning who liked what and how to turn the other guy on to the extreme. Holt is incredibly masculine, and hearing him tell Axel to suck his balls was enough to make my dick perk up and take notice. Axel happily obliged, fully aware that Holt was a huge fan of anything to do with his nuts getting attention. He sucked them into his wet mouth, rolled them around, then popped them back out, making Holt's dick grow stiffer by the second.

Holt got on all fours, boner bouncing beneath him, to suck Axel's beautiful cock. Watching these two ready each other for the impending fuck was hot as hell. Like being a fly on the wall of one of their past hookups. I'm obviously a voyeur, but this took it to a new level. Knowing these two were doing this whenever they felt like it, not just when I hired them to, was fucking wild.

Holt rest his shoulders on the floor, legs to the ceiling, as Axel worked on his tight hole with his tongue. Holt was sure to compliment his costar, telling him how fucking hot it felt to get rimmed. Axel's cock must have been jumping with joy every time he tasted that sweet hole, knowing it would soon be inside.

I have to disclose one thing about this shoot because I don't want to false advertise. The main image for this scene shows the guys in a very crazy, hot position. They tried this position and were able to do it for about eight seconds before calling it. Axel's dick was too hard (not a problem) and wouldn't bend down easily enough. However, the picture was so fucking hot and perfect, I had to leave it in, and I even made it the main image. So, forgive me, but I wanted you to at least have a tiny taste of what could have been.

The rest of their positions worked like a charm, naturally, and they fucked hard and raw like two brut dudes should. Holt's amazing ass bounced with each ram of Axel's rod. His glistening hole stretched and shrank as Axel's cock slid in and out. Watching these two fuck was absolute perfection.

To shoot his load, Holt rode Axel to climax. He bust an impressive nut across his costars chest then smacked and rubbed his dick in the jizz. Axel flipped him over and did him doggie style, cum still dripping from his happy trail, until he was ready to blow, too. He pulled out, creamed Holt's ass, then shoved his raging hardon back inside his fuck buddy. I think Holt may have been surprised by the re-entry because he looked at the camera like "oh, there's more" but then smiled and moaned and gobbled up Axel's dick with his perfect ass.

Sometimes a small world is a beautiful thing. In the case of Axel and Holt, it most certainly made for one helluva fucking hot scene!

Dominic & Morgan Flip Raw

Holy fuck! That's really all I need to say to describe this scene, but since I like to come up with dirty synopsis and these two guys were awesome enough to join the GuyBone team, I'll write a little somethin'.

I met Morgan Black on Twitter and, as a huge fan, extended an invitation to shoot for our humble startup site if he ever had the time or interest. Not only did he accept my offer, he introduced me to his partner, Dominic Sol, an equally hot, equally professional studio guy.

With these two aces up my sleeve, I knew I couldn't go wrong. I'd been dying to get some variety on the site, not because I didn't enjoy my current roster of models, they're all hot, but because I strive to have a site where any gay guy can log on and get off. I want an enormous collection of different kinds of guys: real amateur guy next door types, twinks, bears, cubs, jocks, skater guys, muscle guys, you name it. I want some of each. That way, I can get anyone hard. And that's hot.

Morgan and Dominic definitely had the look I'd been craving - that brutish, rugged, manly appearance - hairy, bearded, scruffy, muscular, tattooed, strong, virile. They already had fantastic chemistry because of their off-camera relationship, so I knew they'd put on a good show. I had no idea how good of one, though.

They started making out and instantly my dick was begging to burst from my pants, much like theirs. Dominic teased Morgan's cock inside his jock strap and I had locker room flashbacks of domineering coaches and submissive athletes fucking after practice. Once these two moved to the bed, it was all oral, all spit, all sucking. I loved watching Dominic blow Morgan so fast and so hard that Morgan's curved cock slipped out of his mouth at one point and had to be put back in like a snake that'd escaped its cage.

They took turns eating each others asses, slurping and licking hot, hairy holes in anticipation of what was next. One of the hottest things I've ever seen was while Dominic rimmed Morgan: between each flick of his tongue, he'd slide his buzzed head across Morgan's exposed opening, no doubt creating an indescribable sensation for his partner. The sound of his shaved head, combined with his facial scruff, rubbing across Morgan's butt was incredibly arousing.

Dominic topped first, slipping his bare, stiff as wood baseball bat into Morgan's dark and tight, but welcoming dugout. Then they fucked. Hard. Morgan was eager to get his turn up to bat, however, and they quickly flipped so Dominic could take Morgan's impressive shaft balls-deep into his man hole. He was jerking his own still-stiff cock, but had to take breaks, edging dangerously close to the point of shooting his load.

Morgan wasn't going to wait to explode. He pulled his thick dick out of Dominic's ass long enough to bust a creamy, white nut all over Dominic's balls, and then, at his partner's panting request, pushed his big dick back into the hole, taking the nut with him and breeding Dominic.

To join Morgan in ecstasy, Dominic ate his boyfriend's ass one more time while he jerked his cock. He catapulted hot cum across his own chest, even hitting Morgan, who was still squatting over his face. Once he had milked every last drop of man juice from his body, he and Morgan shared a final kiss, congratulating and thanking one another for a wild and raw ride.

I didn't join in on the kiss, but I thanked them both immensely for an unbelievably and incredibly hot scene. The most exciting moment, however, came after we'd wrapped, when the guys told me they'd love to return and film more for GuyBone.

Best. News. Ever.

Greyson & Zeke Flip Raw

First off, I have to preface this scene by saying technically it's a semi-raw flip fuck. The guys start the scene wearing condoms and then toward the end decide to ditch them and screw bareback. Don't want any false advertising claims, so consider this your disclaimer.

That having been said, holy fucking hell has this scene been three years in the making! Poor Greyson. Be it flaky costars or costars who only wanted to top him (he's primarily a top who only recently considered bottoming), sexy GuyBone guy Greyson has had to wait from nearly the very beginning of the existence of our site to get an action scene. But if you ask him if it was worth the wait to have his first action scene be with Zeke... well, I don't have to tell you his answer would be a resounding yes, you just have to watch this scene.

These two had some chemistry. Some wild, passionate, break the box springs cause we're fucking so hard on the bed chemistry. From the word action, who are we kidding, the hot making out started before I even had the cover off the camera lens. Sucking face, groping crotches, getting each other incredibly super hard, Greyson and Zeke were ready for a wild romp in the sack.

Greyson's cock was so fucking stiff I swear it was about to snap in half every time Zeke swallowed it balls deep. The faces Greyson makes to let you know he's enjoying the head you're giving him are priceless. There's no second-guessing your oral skills with him. If he's a fan of what you're doing, he's gonna reward you with moans and grunts and eye-rolling head tosses. Zeke fucking gulped down that boner, loving the taste of Greyson's thick dick. And Greyson couldn't stop complimenting Zeke on his hairy, girthy cock. The two even 69'd before getting down to business.

The business of fucking. And yes, while the intense poundings began with prophylactics wrapped tightly around erect shafts, it quickly escalated into a heat-of-the-moment bareback finale. Greyson proved he's primarily a top by ramming his rod repeatedly into Zeke's furry ass. But Zeke got his turn to plow that near-virgin hole of Greyson's as well, which was a huge turn on to watch. Greyson is truly a versatile performer between the sheets and exceeded all my expectations. And Zeke, well, as you can see for yourself, Zeke is just fucking perfection. Short, stocky, covered in sexy fuzz and tattoos and packing incredibly handsome junk, he was the perfect first costar for Greyson.

The only down side to this scene were the neighbors who I assume were watching the entire shoot. Greyson needs to buy some curtains. Their dining room looks directly into his bedroom and I have to admit, I was really nervous about having an audience. But it didn't stop Greyson and Zeke. They tuned out the noise and gave awesome performances. True exhibitionists.

Raw Spit Roast

Three sexy as hell studs. Three rock hard cocks. Three warm, wet mouths. And one juicy asshole begging to be fucked. This is Raw Spit Roast starring Pedro Roxy, Rob Benson and Sam Bridle. Could't have put three better guys together for this scene. They're all thin and toned and hung and horny beyond belief. Trim tummies leading down to big stiff dicks that love to be sucked and tugged and most of all shoved into tight butts.

Sam and Rob tag-teamed Pedro's beautiful ass. Sam loves playing with bondage, so he tied Pedro to the spit roast sling and they literally had their way with him. Opting for bareback because it feels so much fucking better (on both your cock and your asshole, whichever position you're in), Sam and Rob screwed Pedro six ways from Sunday.

Once he was tied tightly, Pedro was boned and ready to be played with. Rob dropped to his knees, eager to please his costar as much as he wanted to be pleased himself. He rimmed and sucked, back and forth, while Sam plopped out his big uncut wonder cock for Pedro to nibble on. Then they switched, letting Rob feel Pedro's plush lips on his swollen cock and Sam took his turn licking that hole and giving head to Pedro's fat cock. Before Sam stuffed his gigantic rod into Pedro's cavern, Rob slobbed his knob, lubing it and Pedro's ass for the fucking. Very hot watching his mop-haired head bob back and forth between massive boner and puckered hole.

Sam and Rob took their turns fucking the living daylights out of Pedro. Rock hard the entire time, something told me Pedro didn't mind being tied up and taken advantage of. He was first to cum, which also proved my theory. Rob jerked him off while plowing his butt aggressively. Then it was time for the two tops to blow their loads.

What's a good raw spit roast without a facial finale? Rob and Sam took their places at Pedro's head, still tied up and unable to control where they planted their seed. Rob shot his load first, a big blast across Pedro's cheek and onto the sling. Sam followed very quickly, no doubt turned on even more by seeing his bud bust a nut. Sam exploded a gallon of cum everywhere, all over Pedro and even across to Rob. Pedro did his best to lick what hit his face off and swallow that sweet and salty combo. What a fucking hot finish to a fucking hot scene.

Truckee Tops Ben Raw

The last time we saw Ben and Truckee, they were fucking in a very orange hotel room and Ben was showing off his hot, very straight-acting, top skills.

Oh, how the times have changed.

Finally getting these two back to shoot for us again, we decided to flip the tables and have Truckee plow Ben's ass. And damn, did he ever!

The dynamic duo started off sucking face and nearly swallowing tongue. Fuck, these two had me hard as soon as they started kissing. Ben quickly pulled Truckee's huge uncut cock out of his underwear and sucked it to steel hardness. I loved seeing timid Truckee take the dominant reigns and literally beat his heavy cock against Ben's eager face. Sounded like it was going to leave a mark!

I had to cut Ben off, he was going to OD on Truckee's dick and I needed some variety in my footage. Truckee got to work blowing his partner; long, beautiful spit strings trailing from his lips to Ben's raging hard boner. He saved some of that spit for Ben's tight, puckered asshole, though, rimming him so fantastically that Ben couldn't wipe the fucking smile from his face.

You want to see chemistry in the sack? Look no further for proof than the still photos from this shoot. In nearly every photo, Ben and Truckee have huge grins spread across their faces; the true sign of sexual chemistry, in my opinion, is being able to laugh and have a fucking hot time at the same time in bed. And these two rock it like white on rice.

The two peas in a pod didn't waste a second getting to the focus of the scene - anal sex. I was very excited to see rugged mechanic Ben take a big dick up his rarely tapped ass, but in even more anticipation to see how strong of a top Truckee made, since I'd only seen him bottom thus far.

Truckee - holy fuck! The dude didn't lose his hardon once the whole shoot (which he attributes to eating Ben's ass). He was rock hard, confident, masculine, and took charge of the scene. He fucking turned me on is what he did! Pumping his thick shaft in and out of Ben's hole with the greatest of ease and perfection, Truckee surpassed all my expectations. He's a fucking hot top!

The two screwed in at least six positions (I honestly lost count, the amount of red hot bareback sex happening before me nearly melted my brain). Ben moaned, he writhed, he rode Truckee's cock and loved it. And I loved seeing his own enormous dick bouncing up and down with each thrust, slapping against his stomach, his balls doing a sex dance against his taint.

In the finale, Truckee pulled out, jerked, came just enough to show us he was cumming, and shoved his ever-erect dick back inside Ben's ass so that Ben could join him in gooey orgasm. Pumping the rest of his hot load into Ben's ass, Ben squealed in delight feeling the warm jizz fill his hole and shortly after, began oozing white, creamy cum from his own cock. Truckee bent over, still fucking Ben's hole, and caught the majority of Ben's load in his mouth. Fucking hot!

I honestly don't know how these two put on such an amazing show. They're like circus performers and this scene is their version of the best show on earth. Enjoy... it's very clear that they did.
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