Barefoot cum walk

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DescriptionToday Alina is in the mood to crush her slave's genitals barefoot. We have made this video from two different close camera angles and one of these cameras is so close, that you can see Alina's feet almost full frame. You can also see every single vein that's bursting in poor slave's cock under the pressure of the beautiful Mistress.

And this Mistress is merciless - you will ask yourself “Does she know what's under her feet?“. Seems as if she doesn't or at least she doesn't interest. She just tramples his genitals into the board - full weight and pitiless. She ignores all the bruises that she causes, she ignores his whimpering, his pain.

Yes she has a few nice moments, teasing his glans with her toes or petting his cock and balls with her feet, but these moments are rare. She's only thinking about different ways to torment her victim.

Alina kicks, Alina stomps, she stands full weight on his crotch, bobbing up and down, she crushes the life out of his poor genitals. Under permanent marching of the Mistress they finally explode in an aching orgasm and even now Alina doesn't stop.

The Mistress squeezes out all of his cum and now she tramples his cum with the same intensity. Her soles are wet and slippery and obviously she enjoys that feeling. She slides around in his sperm and from time to time she steps on his crotch again. Alina won't stop before she has scattered his cum allover the board...

Note: This is a straight video, unfortunately there are not gay movies like this :(

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