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[High Octane] SCORE

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DescriptionBefore any sex can start, the luscious members of this red-jerseyed team have to practice. And they do, kicking and running about, getting all sweaty and in dire need of the locker room. The first three spied there are goalie Randy Jones, an enormously muscled bald man, brunet hottie Rob Nelson, who isn't far behind in size, and one of Hungary's finest porn exports, the unbelievably handsome Julian Vincenzo, tattooed on one shoulder and so good looking it's simply not fair. Randy needs a massage, so Julian helps out. Rob is invited to help, since Randy really is that big. It isn't long before Randy's thrillingly shapely ass is exposed and oiled. His cock is hard too, so Julian grabs for it so he and Rob can share it orally. Julian feeds his monster thickness to Randy and then Randy ends up between the guys, sucking Rob and getting fucked by Julian, an expert in how to make it look hot. Julian works hard and professional to get fully inside Randy, who snarls the whole time he's bottoming. Randy then straddles Rob and rides him, with Julian helping out with a blowjob on Randy now and then. Rob is up next to bottom, taking it from a pent-up Randy while trying his best to keep Julian in his mouth. Go Randy, the versatile beast! Julian gets his shot at Rob's ass as well, displaying his sexy style so that Rob can cum with him still inside. Julian pulls out to cum and then Randy brings up the rear.

A very intense Irving Hunter, with tattoos stretching the full length of his arms, is blowing up soccer balls. Anyone want to bet those won't be the last balls inflated by the time he leaves the screen? In walks edge slightly pony-tailed Gary Zabal, who immediately distracts Irving from his work. They kiss and grope, revealing two very tight lean soccer bodies. Gary sucks first, using his hand to help out on tall Irving's sizeable cock, and getting about half of it gulped. Irving then works his mouth below Gary's immaculately sculpted abs and does a fine "thank you" sucking. Gary ends up on the receiving end of Irving's fuck and Irving is quite a player here. Still wearing his knee socks and shoes, he is able to tuck his cock way deep into a willing and prodding Gary. He adds a nice speed to the proceedings. Gary, also in knee socks, rides Irving and makes sure to go down far on the cock, to keep it as fully in his ass as possible. A very flexible Gary takes it in a notably difficult sideways position with the same peppy results, but then it's doggy again for this fuck-loving pair! It's this return to their first position that gets both to shoot their loads.

Another trio in the locker room. This time, it's shaggy-haired Leslie Manzel, sporting quite a different look from the no-nonsense smooth guys around him (though he has quite a buff body himself, but with hair!), tall nicely built Iman Lee and a beefy tight brunet named Rod Stevens. While Leslie is showering, Rod and Iman start to kiss. Rod rather dryly sucks Iman's cock with gentle force-feeding from the owner. They switch places and Iman shows a lot more spunk for square-jawed Rod's dick. Naturally Leslie, who really does have an amazing chest, joins them. Rod and Iman each take a crack at him orally and Rod stays on the ground to alternate on both. Not losing Leslie from his throat, Rod plays bottom for Iman, a friendly top who does his work efficiently enough to make the table they are using squeak. Rod is far more interested in what is happening in his butt and the moments he looks at Iman wondrously are Iman's best as a top. Leslie takes Rod next, just gyrating his hips and turning it into a smooth fuck. Rod is by now ready for anything and really seems to be enjoying himself. With Iman as window dressing, the duo takes the act to the floor for some sideways work. Leslie cums first, followed by the understandably exhausted Rod and finally Iman with the biggest blast.

Four guys play around on the field outside and then thankfully go inside to take it all off. These are four very hot men and watching them undress is majorly pornographic. Very deliberately, tall Isak Ramos exposes his edible butt cheeks just enough that Carson Lane, who looks like a double for Isak, has to grab his ass. They put on a nice show for the other two, who both get hard watching. Long-haired Carl Cook finally joins them, but super-muscular shy-looking light Zeno Alexander keeps to himself, and his stiffening dick. Carson is the recipient of Isak's first blowjob, as Carson lovingly touches all the way down Isak's tattooed back. He's getting a sweet lovingly blowjob on his uncut cock, and Carl realizes it. So, he falls to his knees and joins the fun, sharing Carson and then moving over to Zeno. Nobody does a great blowjob, but Carl makes it look fun. The luscious Zeno bottoms for Carl and Isak does Carl. The nearly identical tops show off good form and Carl keeps the quartet connected by reaching for Zeno's dick. He's getting quite a nasty pushy fuck, but he looks very calm. Zeno is the one who looks a little nervous, but he's being treated quite well himself. The tops here definitely enjoy their roles, and both bottoms, particularly Zeno, get really into it. By the time Zeno is ready to ride, he's now sitting on Isak while Carson and Carl suck him. Zeno is so ready now that Isak can fuck him upwards with the fastest speed yet seen in the film. It's always the quiet one! Zeno cums with this heavenly fuck and then the other three use him as a cum-rag for their explosions.

Julian returns for a second shot at a trio. One of his partners is Patton Hall, giving Julian a run for the hunkiest man in the story, a frat boy type with a body that doesn't quit. He and small lithe Ritchy Segely play with a water bottle and the sight of Ritchy's wet chest draws Patton to his mouth as Julian looks on approvingly. Patton goes wild kissing little Ritchy and is soon lusting for his cock. Patton puts on one hell of a show, looking over at Julian for approval, and certainly getting it. He does wonders on Ritchy's dick and then gets exactly the same back from Ritchy. Ritchy is a little devil and he goes wild on Patton's dick. Julian finally joins them when it's time to fuck, although Patton understandably gets Ritchy's ass first. He provides an oh-so-pretty fuck, though it's not particularly deep or powerful. Ritchy helps by backing up on his top, and this is while handling Julian orally! Patton is best at his full pull-outs, ramming back into Ritchy. Ritchy and Patton can't get enough of each other, so Ritchy sits and rides, with incredibly energy, on Patton. Julian helps out by both sucking Ritchy and feeding him cock, but it's the chemistry between Patton and Ritchy that has things really cooking here. Julian finally gets his chance at Ritchy's ass when Patton sits on Ritchy's face. Julian is a bit meaner about things, but the strapping hunk is also game to suck Patton while he's effortlessly fucking little Ritchy. Ritchy cums being fucked, followed by Julian and Patton in nearly simultaneous shots, though Patton's coats Ritchy's body.

In all this time, no one has actually used the shower as a jumping off point for sex. That is rectified when the runner-body lean Langdon King is found soaping up all by himself. Into the shower comes Fredy Costa, another swarthy brooding type with oodles of smooth muscles. He takes the shower next to Langdon and Langdon helps Fredy soap himself. The imperious Fredy stands all sexy as Langdon quietly lathers his entire body, happily servile to the stud. Langdon then licks his way down Fredy's back and to his cheeks before Fredy turns around and has Langdon blow him, the show water still running all over them. He has a perky hand willing to help, so Fredy seems quite pleased. Langdon's attentions are rewarded with a Fredy fuck, which starts off with supreme power and never lets up. Fredy is a very confident top and works Langdon over expertly. He scoops his way deep into Langdon and doesn't pretend to be nice about it at all. Their fucking doesn't last as long as others before Fredy is unloading on Langdon's shoulder. After Langdon cums, while sucking Fredy, it looks like they need to shower all over again!
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