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SC - SeanCody - Jake Collection Pack

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DescriptionSo my next collection of hottest SeanCody men is about... *drumroll* ... Jake!

Besides being hot having a rather big dick and a damn nice ass with some fur I'd like to keep my face in all day, Jake is just fucking adorable! When one of the camera guys in his solo tells him, 'You have a very nice body,' he gets a big smile on his face which makes me just want him more.
When he gets asked about his best feature, he points to his abs. 'That’s my pride and joy right there,' he says. Well his abs are great but I think he's almost selling himself a bit short because as already mentioned: his cock and his marvelous ass.
Jake can take as good as he gives, and of course and it’s always hot watching his big uncut cock in action not to mention when that ass of his gets rimmed and fucked.

So here are 20 scenes for you, including a threesome and a group fuck:

Cameron & Jake (989).mkv
Doug & Jake (879).mkv
Hawaii - Isaac & Jake (872).mkv
Hawaii - Jake & Keith (854).mkv
Hawaii - Jake & Matt (868).mkv
Hawaii - Jake & Pete (831).mkv
Hawaii - Pete, Jake & Doug (889).mkv
Hawaii Fuckfest - Isaac, Matt, Keith, Jake & Doug (912).mkv
Jake & Brodie (1259).mkv
Jake & Calvin (1225).mkv
Jake & Dave - Dave Gets Fucked! (767).mkv
Jake & Dennis (956).mkv
Jake & Jamie (1239).mkv
Jake & Jarek (1273).mkv
Jake & Mitch (743).mkv
Jake & Tobey (806).mkv
Jake (670).mkv
Jay & Jake (929).mkv
Ross & Jake (680).mkv
Trevor & Jake (898).mkv

Again for convenience I converted all files to .mkv mainly because same quality=less size and it runs much smoother.

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I'd like to hear what you're thinking of my collections, so I'd really love to hear your opinions.
Also if you have any ideas, wishes or suggestions please leave me a comment, I'd really appreciate it

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