AWOL Marines Collection - 256 of the best videos by Bobby Garcia

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Description 256 videos from the AWOL Marines Collection. Only the best of the thousands of videos of Bobby luring those horny jarheads off the base in San Diego and getting them to go hardcore on camera.

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Didn't hear you
Didn't take of his
Don't worry just go up and down.ram
Drilled Bobby on red covered
Drinking and smoking while getting Bobby's
Drinking beer and cums quietly.ram
Edge of bed.flv
Edged for a while.flv
Fast hand
Fast hand to cum.flv
Fat boy getting
First serviced by someone and then calls Bobby many
Football Jock, Jerked Off Doctor-Style.ram
Force the cum out.flv
Fucked him and cum on sofa.flv
Fucking a black girl.flv
Funny hair and
Furiously choking his
Getting directions on how to
Girl helped get one
Girl helped with
Gives him hand job.flv
Grunts a lot when he tries to
Guy jacking another shy guy.ram
Guy jo and suck guy.ram
Had to wank
Hairy blue
Hairy legs in
Hairy-chested and slightly over-weight marine fucks
Hand mouth
Handjob beside
Hands cross over
Hands on his head.flv
Hands over head and cums quietly.ram
Hands over head and smile while he cums.ram
Hard to get up and cum.ram
He does many
He fucks rubber
He has a white
He has to call
He looks
He loves baby
He popped too much last
He tried fucking
He tried vibrator too.avi
He with the green pillow.flv
Head sways while cumming.ram
Heavy-set marine blows two tattoed in-service
Here's 'Remy', a genuinely eager to please
Hiphop with no face
Hips always moving.ram
His hands has
Hit his
HJ before fuck.flv
Hold on to ceiling.avi
Hold on to the
Holds his hand for
Holds his pillow while cumming.ram
I cummed sorry and he fucked
I'm cumming on rocking
I'm gonna cum and on
Impatient jo by another guy.ram
It's a done
It's OK keep
Jerked for a long
Jerking off on rocking
Jerkoff at
Jerks a little.ram
Jerks hard to cum.flv
Jo and bj.ram
Kneeling jerk off.flv
Knocks while he
Latino blasting load on
Legs open wide.flv
Load on blue
Look at cumshot from
Look at porn mag.flv
Looking at camera and squirming a lot b4 cum.ram
Looking at his dick.ram
Looks at his
Looks at own dick while cumming.ram
Looks like Adam Sandler.flv
Looks to the side when cumming.ram
Lying on bed.flv
Lying on
Lying on the carpet.ram
Lying straight dare not move.ram
Man with hat bj and cum.ram
Many different
Many marines and one
Marine cum on girl's
Marine cums on girl's
Marine in uniform on
Marine on edge of
Marine On Marine.avi
Marine On
Marine uniform cum if you don't
Married Marine Fucks Bobby.mpeg
Massages ball.flv
Matt solos for Bobby.rm
Military uniform with cap.flv
Moans and from his point of view.ram
Moans when cum.flv
Moustache guy cums on
Moustache guy with long
Moustache man cumming.ram
Moustache man.avi
Moving and touching his own body.ram
Mute and go up and down.ram
Mute boy with cap.ram
Mute lying down.ram
Near ecstasy.ram
Needs long service.flv
Nerd in floral
Nerd slow
Nerdy guy received
Nerdy loves bj.ram
Nervous guy
Nervous one on couch.flv
No second
Nod to cum.ram
Old tape with red
On floral
On sheeted chair
On the blue bed sheet.flv
On the couch
On the
On the sofa floor.flv
One hand on
One with a cap.flv
Opens wide when cumming.ram
Painted face.avi
Pale guy cumming.ram
Peeks at his dick.ram
Points and
Pulls up his shirt when
Quick cum from
Quick standing
Quiet jo session.ram
Read magazine while Bobby
Red cap guy.flv
Relax when cumming.ram
Relaxin cum.ram
Rick eats marine
Right hand has cast.flv
Rocking chair
Rubber doll and
Same person 2 clip.flv
Says he's ready and cums quietly.ram
Serious guy I'm
Serious positions.avi
Served while sitting on
Shoots a
Shoots river from
Short jerk off
Shy boy covers with
Sideways fuck on sofa.flv
Silly face during
Simple lying jo.ram
Sits on sofa.ram
Sitting and concentrating.flv
Sitting on a couch.ram
Skinny looks
Slaps his cock at
Slow jerk and cum.flv
Small moustache.flv
Smelling something for cum.ram
Smiley man with
Smokes and sucked his
Smoking and sitting for handjob.rm
So i can cum anytime.flv
Some funny
Someone forced to help.flv
Spec guy 2-handed jo.ram
Spec guy handjob.flv
Specks and cap on green
Sprayed on friend's
Sprays high.ram
Spunky haired fucked
Squeeze it
Squeezes one
Squirms a little.ram
Stand when he cums.flv
Standing straight
Started slow but cummed
Stenton is the 'Man with the Golden Gun'.mov
Steve does 'The Italian Stallion'.mov
Steve does Tom, two Marine 'buddies' making serious
Stiffens up when cumming.ram
Stopped too late, had to let
Straighten cock when
Suck and jo by 2 guys.ram
Sucked and fast cum.flv
Sucked and sprayed by fellow
Sucked by Bobby on
Sunglasses and
Swaying here and there.ram
Swing it on bed.flv
Talks a little, not much.ram
Tall kid whacked
Telling his story and cumming.ram
Thighs in and out.ram
This one has gotta be a rare treat for y'all!.mov
Thought he came.flv
Thrusting movements when he is
Too late for
Tried rubber pussy.avi
Tries hard for a beautiful
Trying not to respond.ram
Trying to cum.ram
Two buddies in
Two buddies jerking off on
Two contestants cum on
Two day load sprayed all over
Two jar-head buddies jerk-off
Two marines cum a
Two marines fuck and
Uniform boy asked for permission to
Uniform boy shoot
Up down hips.flv
Used rubber vibrating
Used vibrating pussy.flv
Uses both
USMC tattoo
USMC tattoo
Wack off with porn
Wants to grab his dick at the last minute.ram
Wants to jo himself.ram
Wearing uniform and sitting.ram
Weird hand
White necklace.flv
Whoa good standing
Whole body leaning down on the couch.ram
With a helmet.flv
You can do better than
Young dude cum on bed.flv
Cums straight on
Cums when Bobby not
Cute marine fucks Bobby's mouth til he
Denied its a average
Depressed guy laughs at
Depressed look on his
Didn't do really
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