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Albert - Truck Driver:

This massive giant was nervous about stripping off for the camera. He knows how competitive it is to get in this business. If I see a guy this size in the locker room it’s too intimidating to sneakily perv on him. Here it’s his job to impress me with his body. Though he towered over me, I kept him under control ordering him to pose exactly as I wanted. He’s got a massive dick and heavy dangling balls to go with his large masculine frame.

Albert cringed at the thought of doing anything more than straightforward fucking with a woman. However, you’ll notice how eager he was to please, hesitant to give a firm no and instead answer with “maybe later.” Although he turns out to be a big softy, it would be hot to bind this giant in chains and watch him struggle like a naked beast.

I felt like an explorer climbing a mountain surveying the vast landscape of this large man’s body. Interesting that he should be so big and manly, yet not very hairy at all. He was so self conscious about how he looked on camera he was quick to obey and obedient meaning he should be easy to direct on set.

The moment he desperately says he is about to cum I waited several seconds before nodding that he should go ahead. I have a perverse desire to control when such a giant can have his orgasm.

Gareth - Personal Trainer:

Confident heterosexual Gareth is the kind of manly handsome guy that other straight men envy. He has a very fit body from a strict gym regime and working as a personal trainer. Seeing this masculine guy with his winning smile makes some guys want to use him to satisfy their wives in ways they can’t themselves. Amongst Gareth’s pervy adventures he’s been paid to screw a woman while her husband watches and records it. I prefer to see this outgoing stud performing on his own, his muscular body sweating as he jerks himself off to have a massive orgasm.

Gareth is outgoing enough to try out a number of seedy encounters with people willing to pay him for displaying his naked body or having sex. Although it’s easy money, he’s quick to realize that the work dries up quickly. He’s going to have to expand what he’s willing to do on camera if he’s going to continue to get work. But I would also love to see this sporty guy being taken advantage of by some naughty masseuse.

Gareth is proud of his body having spent so much time working out and building up a fine muscular frame. Checking out his body reveals what a large ego he has with stars tattooed down him. He likes to present himself as the big man. And that’s exactly what he is with his hard athletic body. I reckon if he can withstand the physical strain of playing football and muscle building he can take getting a dildo up that tight sphincter of his.

After being exposed under the hot lights for so long the room was filled with Gareth’s manly smell. The scent was incredibly arousing as he worked up an erection, spitting on it occasionally to lube himself up. It made me hungry enough to want to suck off any last dregs of cum hanging from the tip of his cock after he blew his load. Maybe next time.

Jason - Personal Trainer:

Hard-bodied hetero Jason didn’t plan to become a porn star. He came to this audition looking to be a fitness model, but now that he knows he’s expected to be completely naked and have sex he’s willing to take the plunge. Even though he’s a tough strong looking guy, Jason is a shy polite man who wants to do a good job and is open to trying almost anything. With his large tight arse cheeks I’m really eager to see his hole being pried open and fucked with a dildo. It’s just a question of offering him the right price.

Jason was hesitant to audition at all after he learned this is for porn. Being an introvert he’s never done anything like this before. But at this time in his life he figured it’s now or never, you only live once, etc. Although canny about negotiating how much he’d need to be paid for the action asked of him, Jason is basically someone that can be led and directed to do exactly what I want him to do.

Through hard work and determination, Jason has maintained a hot muscular body his entire life and this is the first time ever it’s been recorded on camera. It’s a damn shame such a fine physique hasn’t been caught on video before, but I’m sure plenty of guys spying on him at the gym showers have wished they could. Here he is examined in detail from his firm six pack to his big bubble butt cheeks spread to observe his tight pink hole. From scrutinizing him up close I can tell you the scent of pure man rising off from his firm body got my cock stirring.

After his examining his enormous balls in the physical I was eager to watch this large manly powerhouse shoot a load under my command. Like a fighter, he sets aside his nerves and goes for it with power and determination. But he reveals what a gentle giant he is because it only takes soft stroking at the base of his cock for him to shoot a big load of straight cum.

Henri - Student:

Henri is a martial arts champion with a body so hard and muscular it feels like he’s made of stone. He’s savvy and doesn’t want to be taken advantage of, but he’s never been filmed naked before so doesn’t know what to expect. This normally confident fit sportsman is unnerved being stark naked for a total stranger. He’s used to the combative man-on-man combat when fighting in competitions, but having his cock and arsehole closely scrutinized is almost too much for this champ to take.

Henri is a proud negotiator and wants to barter for as much money as he can get before doing anything in front of the camera. What he doesn’t realize is that men are in large supply so in this marketplace he can’t push his price up too much or he won’t even get a foot in the door. Even with his incredibly fit muscular body and martial arts skills I can find dozens of other men to fill the same role.

Henri is shy to discuss it, but I know it takes a lot of hard work training and a very disciplined diet to achieve a physique this muscular and trim. With his deep dark skin his muscles look even more prominent and tough. He looks bemused and uncertain as I pose him with his prominent meaty arse in the air. This is definitely a first time experience for this tough hetero man.

With his big dangling ball sack I was eager to see Henri blow a load on camera for the first time. His nerves were running high but he quite easily works up a big stiff hard on and blows a really big load all over the carpet. He left feeling like he’d sold himself out, but this is necessary first step for him to take if he is serious about working in porn.

Matt - Scaffolder:

Matt is a masculine straight bloke who is very friendly and has a cheeky smile on his face as he nervously strips naked and displays his body on camera for the first time. With his strong jaw and deep brown eyes it’s hard not to fall instantly for this macho guy. He’s worried about being taken advantage of but is also excited by the possibility of making his first real porn film. Like a sensible businessman it’s all about the money for him and if he’s paid enough he will do just about anything with anybody.

Matt is very straight talking sincere guy. He may like giving it to girls up the backside all day long, but the reality is him being filmed doing this won’t make money. Gradually he realizes that he’s going to broaden his sexual activities if he wants a chance of becoming a porn star like he wants to. He’s a sensible guy, but the real test is if he has the right goods once his clothes come off.

Matt is a natural when it comes to showing off his body, posing exactly how I want to see him before I even ask him to. He’s in fit shape and has the right attitude. I’d really like to see him bent over taking a dildo up his tight tasty looking arse for the first time. It may take him a little while to work up to that stage, but if he remains open minded and can get over his nerves we could see it happen.

Matt was worried his nerves would get to him and make him unable to perform on camera because he’s never done something like this before. He’s also under pressure because if he doesn’t impress me this will be the end of the line for his porn career. His natural ability comes out as he easily gets a stiffy and shoots a big load of jizz while still keeping his cheeky smile.

Torrent contains all three video clips (Interview, Physical, and Wank), in WMV format, from each of the five models in this set, as well as the complete set of photos from each of their actual auditions. 

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