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johnny gargano vs gory

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Not Just Another Pretty Face

Poor Rio Garza, he just gets no respect. The stunningly handsome underwear model and champion physique competitor has come a long way since getting consistently steam rolled earlier in his BG East wrestling career. Never discouraged, always keen to learn, with a hunger for that precious wrestling victory dangling just out his reach, Rio is a serious competitor and an honest threat to just about anyone he faces these days, in spite of (or perhaps because of) the sweet combination of enmity and desire he awakens in his opponents. He definitely arouses both the best and the worst in his BG foes!

Truth be told, he has put a serious hurt on some of our toughest wrestlers lately, and even when dirty tricks have snatched victory out from underneath him at the last minute, he has proven repeatedly that he can be a legitimate contender. But he's so damn pretty! It's at least part of the reason so many guys enjoy putting the hurt on him! Always discounted as nothing more than a pretty underwear model, Rio is out for some long overdue respect
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