Anthony Shaw - Marcos David and Jax Savage

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DescriptionThese two scenes (actually three) showcase and tax the talents of the gorgeous Marcos David. In the first, Marcos is getting hot and heavy with blond hunk Anthony Shaw, and the oral excitement reaches its peak, with Anthony expertly mouthing Marcos' big, uncut dick (and Marcos getting a good blowjob is erotic in itself -- all you have to do is listen to the noise he makes and watch his expressive face) and then Anthony getting a great dick- and ass-sucking from Marcos. Marcos straddles Anthony's body and fingers his ass while both jerk out enormous cum-shots. Marcos' white stuff drips into Anthony's buttcheeks and he continues to finger Anthony's ass while Anthony does his amazing "I can cum as many times as I want to" act (Bitch!). Marcos is rimming Anthony's ass, getting him ready for the fucking of his life, when Anthony realizes he's out of lube. Dude, you mean you're with a hot man like Marcos and you didn't buy enough lube? Talk about bad planning. Anthony throws on some clothes and runs out to buy more, a fatal mistake of leaving Marcos alone for one minute.
Marcos, alone, slowly strokes his gorgeous cock, with a distraught look on his face, but not for long. There is a knock at the door (wouldn't you know it?), and the driver appears. He's on his knees in front of Marcos so fast that it almost seems superhuman. Dax Savage, an adorable, tattooed, salt-and-pepper haired hottie with a sinewy body and a voracious appetite for Marcos' uncut meat, plays the driver. To say that Marcos and Dax are into each other is to understate the situation criminally. They kiss, suck and fuck so greedily that it's like they're addicts who've found their next fix (which, in a way, they are). When Dax bends Marcos over and gets a taste of his ass, and it does indeed look delectable, he sets a new standard for rimming. Dax then fucks Marcos while Marcos' erect dick bounces around with each thrust. Then the two switch positions, and Marcos slides into Dax. Dax seems to want to spread his legs wider, getting as much of Marcos' hot dick inside as possible, and it looks like he didn't miss a millimeter of it. Dax then strokes out a load as Marcos continues to fuck him from behind, and then Marcos pulls out of Dax and shoots, his cum dripping all over Dax's hip.

By now, you have to wonder, where in hell did Anthony have to go to get that lube? It's taking him forever. Just as Marcos and Dax are sharing a last tender moment (after their sweaty, athletic fucking session), Anthony reappears, and there's no time for Dax to get out of the room. So he hides. Under the bed. Of course, Anthony is more than ready for Marcos' dick, and iron man Marcos shows absolutely no signs of being exhausted sexually. He gives Anthony a primo rimjob, making him cry out several times with his ministrations. Anthony goes into heat, his ass practically begging for more attention, his body arching from sheer desire and delight. Meanwhile, Dax, who is under the bed, totally naked, has not been forgotten. As Anthony and Marcos prime themselves for a hot fuck, Dax is right below, barely able to stay quiet as he listens to them in action. Dax is a natural clown and actor (you might even say ham) -- he starts out by being amused by it all, but soon he gets so turned on, he jerks off as he listens. It's a great directorial touch, and Dax plays it all very well. Marcos fucks Anthony as if he hasn't had sex in months, which we all know isn't even close to true at this point, but Anthony doesn't know the difference. Marcos flips Anthony over, and distracted as Anthony is by Marcos' energized fucking, he doesn't notice when Dax gathers his chauffeur uniform up and crawls out the door. Anthony cums again right after that (and cums and cums and ... [Bitch!]), and then Marcos pulls out of his ass and shoots yet another huge load, drenching Anthony with it. After a kiss, he presumably then gets some well-deserved rest.
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