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DescriptionOriginal upload: 2011-05-19 |
This is a new collection of images... similar to my "Human 101" torrent...

In this torrent you will find mostly amateur pictures of boys taken by themselves or friends. All are 18 or up, but may be shaved and skinny to appear younger (aka: twink).

As a sexy side note: some of the images of of real boys I have fucked, wanted to fuck, or traded cell phone dick pictures with... and deep in the recesses of the file, there is even a picture of my dick ;) I'm not gonna tell you the file name but its pretty "one-digit" simple. So if you live in the Sunshine State... and notice yourself... I'm sorry ;)

I prefer twinks, or skinny muscle men... I like abs and long contours of the stomach into a nice v-line of the hips. I only have photos that I personally jack-off to... so they are promised to be sexy ;)

If you like all the pics, we should probably chat because we have the same tastes ;)

And finally,
if you enjoyed my stash, and want more to follow as I lurk and collect... leave some thank yous (and maybe seed bonuses for good effect? :D)
Both are ALWAYS appreciated :D

250+ images.
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