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♺ Big Cyclops - Smalk Talkers

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DescriptionOriginal upload: 2008-03-02 |

Smack Talkers
Big Cyclops Studios
USA - 2007 - 131 minutes

Starring: Chyna
Bounce Bac
Lover Boy

Eight horny homeboys hook up for some gay ghetto goodness. Expert bottoms and power tops with huge cocks and lots of stamina suck and fuck their way through Cyclops Studios’ new release, Smack Talkers.

Scene One:

Macho Thugzilla is stressed out and needs some relaxin’. Braided Chyna offers him a full body massage with a “happy ending.” Thug strips down to reveal a buff smooth tattoed body as he lies down on the table. Chyna works his sore muscles but when he gets down to the man’s fine round butt, Thug insists “you can’t touch my ass!” But when he turns over to reveal his semi-hard nine incher, he has no problem letting Chyna’s eager mouth go to work on it. Chyna’s an expert at working any muscle, and especially this long thick man muscle. He sucks and licks that manmeat, giving Thug a thorough oral workout. But that badass wants more and Thug starts finger-fucking Chyna’s hole preparing for the spearing to come. Thug fucks the big ole bottom boy slow, then fast and hard, as his body slaps up against Chyna’s sweet ass. Thug’s a total top, a master ass pounder, and he finally cums a fountain all over Chyna’s face. It’s a turnabout as Thug demands payment for his services – Chyna complies and Thug uses a Jackson to wipe off the jizz on his face – “it’s your tip, boy!”

Scene Two:

Kacorot and Bounce Bac are two hot black guys in full ghetto drag, but they don’t waste a second in stripping down and getting off. Kacorot’s cock is long, dark, and thick as a fist, but BB goes to work on it with no problem, licking, tickling, tonguing, teasing the glans, and getting the topman hot and ready for some rear entry. And while K’s dick may have been too big for deepthroating, BB’s asshole is stretched wide enough to take it all. Have mercy! The camera slowly zooms in for a tantalizing view of the piledriving action, and Kacorot finishes off stroking to his sploogy spurt.

Scene Three:

Troy and Lover Boy are talking about what they like sexually, about doing it for money, and about relationships. But it’s ‘love the one you’re with’ as power top meets expert bottom. Lover Boy’s a “man of the streets freakin’ the sheets” and when Troy sez “So you wanna suck my dick? Sure!” LB is right on the job – the blowjob. He’s an oral master and Troy’s niner is hard in an instant. He swallows all of the long uncut dong slow and deep, and fast and hard. Troy does a little gonzo mugging for the camera cuz he’s lovin’ it. The things Lover Boy can do with his mouth and tongue are amazing! But after a while Troy’s ready for more. “I wanna stab that ass” – and he moves in for some hard butt pounding. LB’s waiting pucker chute opens wide to take it deep. Troy’s the anal master now with his pelvic thrusts, grinding, slow and fast pumping, and he’s even doing pushups on LB’s bubble butt. Lover Boy gets in some more oral action - his mouth ain’t tired yet - before Troy pulls his pud and spurts a load on his buddy’s tongue and face. LB even licks the cum off Troy’s gooey dick, much to his surprise.

Scene Four:

Thugzilla is back, talkin’ smack about the other cast members. He wonders why anyone but him should be called “The Penetrator.” He’s with Kidd, a slim, pierced, young homeboy who is really hungry for cock – “Dicks are for Kidd!” And he means it as his mouth goes right for Thug’s already hard rod. Kidd is another blowjob master, and deepthroating Thug’s big sausage is no problem. Thug wants to be the total top and Kidd’s glad to be dominated. His talented mouth works Thug’s nipples for a while then moves way down for some sloppy footsucking. Thug’s lovin’ all of it. Kidd is finally ready to sit on Thug’s big black tool and he grinds his big bubble butt up and down and around on Thug’s pole. After a while, Kidd wants to be fucked harder and Thug really gets to pumpin! His hard cock goes in and out, fast and slow, as the camera goes in from below for an up close and personal view. Kidd switches onto his back and holds his legs back like a contortionist – he wants to see himself being plowed – damn! Thug lets loose with a load on Kidd’s mouth and face to finish up.

Scene Five:

Our main man Thugzilla isn’t done yet. He heads off to the showers along with Troy. They wash each others’ naked bodies as Cascio joins them. He’s got a massive big ole black booty, and the other two can’t wait to start playing with it in a hot wet threeway with these still horny and hung homeboys. It’s a salami sandwich as Thug and Troy take turns with Cascio’s fine ass – slapping it, licking it, eating it, grabbing it. They’re all big and hard - making out, kissing, faux fucking [sorry, there’s no condoms in the showerroom], blowjobs, handjobs, dick play, nipple play – in every combination of the three studs. They’re all pumping each others’ hard dicks as Thug cums first then the other two on their ass and thighs. They’ve all finally had enough sex for one day.

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