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DescriptionOriginal upload: 2014-03-26 |
Video: WMV 640x480

Running time: 01:31:25

Released: 02/2014

Studio: Knightbreeders

Stars: Alax, Damien Silver, Dexter Thunderball, Gustav Wahsal, Justin Tumberhung, Michael Rawl Ahsole, Paul Slag, Ronald Patrol, Vino Petrino

A Review of Rocky Whores Gay Picture Show (2014)

You most certainly have to give Mr. Justin Credible credit where it is due, and I mean.  This feature film defines modernism to the extreme.  The director has talent without question.  What makes  the title film different from all except Knightbreeders’ Legend1  is the blending of a contemporary hip hop music with captions of classic black and white horror films.  A Knightbreeder disciple or loyal customer can truly understand how the director reveals his affinity for horror and sci-fi genres.  The beauty of his filmmaking is parallel to the pendulum on a grandfather wall clock.  The back and forth from the past to the present is a persistent theme in this feature film as well as in Knightbreeders’ Legend 1.

In the very beginning the audience is a reminiscent, laughing voice like of Vincent Prince and later a wolf or coyote howls in the background of a full moon, creating  an eerie, gothic mood as a means of maintaining the audience’s focus.  After the coyote or wolf howl the audience begins to hear the loud, verbal profanity of Damien Silver and Paul Stag, two of the most well known stars in this feature. 


Before the movie initiates, there is a very brief  interracial scene of Damien Silver and an African American actor. Later the scene  moves  to a classic Frankenstein scene.  Here Justin Credible shows the face of Damien Silver on a table with two large penises in his mouth, a foreshadow of scene one, the most entertaining and the most intense in this film. In scene one the modern hip hop song is replaced by a classical studio lyric and a large chandelier on the set. There is a n intense, raunchy four way scene between Paul Stag, Michal Rawl Ahsol, Damien Silver, and another actor from the cast.  This scene is definitely the most intense of the five.  The double penetration that occurs in this scene will arouse the audience or viewers without question.  The close-ups are superb and the language between Damien Silver and Paul Stag is excellent.  The actors do a fine performance and truly define the meaning of man with man sex.  The orange, construction worker costumes are beautiful. 


Damien certainly had no problem getting new members to join his club. Before the next scene the audience is  reintroduced to a Frankenstein  scene. Scene two is a one on one daddy scene between Damien Silver and a masked young actor whose name cannot be identified unless the viewer has seen the original film and recognized the sequence of the cast in the original film.  The scene is remarkably intense.  The young actor fills his mouth with thick precum from Damien’s penis.  There is intense fucking and profane language in this scene.  The fascinating aspect of this particular scene is that Damien Silver is wearing a mustache with a USA headband and a mask.  He is almost unrecognizable.  What arouses the audience in this scene is when Damien releases semen on the young actor’s scrotum and penis.  Overall a very good scene that is full of language and intense penetration.


Once again a Frankenstein caption introduces the scene. Here Damien Silver has one on one sex with a Cuban actor who has a love for ass eating The man with man caressing is gorgeous .  The close-ups  on the oral and anal interaction  is absolutely breathtaking when the Cuban actor releases semen from his penis and Damien immediately  sits on it and later licks the drops of f the actors’ chest.

Unlike scenes one thru three, scene four moves to a gory mountain background and  later o the face of  a boggy man.  Like scene two, Damien Silver and a young, masked actor do a one on one boy and daddy scene.  The, young actor does a good job giving oral sex to Damien Silver.  As a matter of fact, Damien compliments him on his talent for giving a good blow job.  The fucking is very intense, and the close ups of the buttocks are beautiful.


The introduction to scene five is very different from scenes one thru four. The audience or viewer is introduced to a  vintage train scene that is almost like Grand Central Station The setting later reveals the hands of a werewolf character on a door knob and later on his face and gold eyes become apparent.  Scene five is an interracial scene like scene three. Here Damien Silver does one on one with an African American actor.

The close-ups of Damien having both oral and anal with the large penis are amazing.  He wears a skeleton skull cup in this scene and exercises  profanity as if it is going out of style.       

Overall, Rocky Whores Gay Picture Show (2014) is an incredible work of art in its own right.  It is  very similar to Knightbreeders Legend 1 , but it has a flair of modernism that  subordinates classic  sci-fi and  horror . 

Mr.  Wartmark knows how to define “what is  talent?”, and it definitely shows in this film A-Z. He certainly has a handsome actor who knows his stuff and without question you could not have asked for a better performer.
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