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DescriptionElder Stewart, the fresh faced blond, is now a fully ordained member of The Order. But he looks back fondly on those moments that were turning points on his mission, resulting in his obtaining the higher priesthood.

Each day, upon waking, his fresh, morning wood pressing against the sheets, Stewart takes out a journal and writes for at least 20 minutes.

It was a habit he committed to in the MTC.

This morning he is particularly nostalgic about the first time he had sex with Brother Johnson, long before he even knew The Order existed.

Back then, he was still quite innocent. Though he had fantasized about boys before, he had only acted on them a few times. And each time he had felt tremendous guilt because of things he was taught in church.

But his desires have always been impossible to suppress. Despite believing he shouldn't, he constantly fantasized about boys holding him down, kissing him, rubbing their own hard erections against his.

But then as a missionary, there was a pivotal moment after which the guilt vanished. Elder Stewart was in his room, waiting for his new companion at transfers, and filthy thoughts were once again filling his head.

At that time he had hoped his new companion would have the same tendencies as him but how would he figure that out. He was unlikely to act first because he was terrified of being found out.

He groped his stiffening cock through his pants. He imagined his new, perfect companion's warm hand in it's place. He closed his eyes, let his head roll back.

A sharp knock at the door took him immediately out of his fantasy and he quickly zipped up.

Brother Johnson, the gorgeous ward mission leader opened the door and strolled in.

How could he have forgotten?! He was going to meet with the ward mission leader today for a correlation meeting to discuss investigators.

Elder Stewart puts his hands over his lap and avoided the Brother Johnson's eyes.

"It's time for our correlation meeting," Johnson said, as he fingered the pages in his 3 ring binder.

"Where's your companion?"

Elder Stewart explained that he was waiting for the APs to bring him a new companion.

Brother Johnson smiled slyly. "I saw you."

Elder Stewart's still remembers how his heart jumped into his throat. "You saw that?! You aren't going to tell anyone are you?"

Brother Johnson had sat next to Stewart. "Don't worry. Guys like us look out for each other."

He pulled Elder Stewart against his muscular frame and kissed him. His hands trailed up and down the boy's lean length, eventually settling on the crotch of his pants.

Elder Stewart's body was aching with desire. He couldn't believe this was happening and with such a handsome man.

But what did Brother Johnson mean, by "guys like us?" How could he know that Elder Stewart liked guys at all?

The only way Johnson could know about Stewart is if he had access to his membership records and saw the he confessed same sex attraction and "homosexual tendencies" to his Bishop before his mission.

Elder Stewart's nagging erection was begging to be stroked, but Brother Johnson took his time. Johnson unbuttoned the boy's shirt and kissed a trail down the length of Stewart's smooth chest before slowly unbuckling his pants.

When Brother Johnson's, thick, warm fingers finally wrapped around Stewart's shaft, the boy groaned with satisfaction.

At that moment, Elder Stewart put all thoughts of how Johnson knew anything aside. Stewart loved everything that was happening to him, and besides, he didn't really have a choice. Brother Johnson could easily report what he just saw and Elder Stewart would likely get sent home.

But Elder Stewart was more than willing to submit his body to Brother Johnson. It felt like a dream come true.

Johnson's mouth, soon joined his hand. He slid his tongue up and down the length of Stewart's pulsing member. It felt so incredible it was all Stewart could do to keep from grabbing Johnson's head and fucking his face until he came.

Sensing the boy's need, Brother Johnson pushed Elder Stewart down on the bed and stripped him completely.

Without removing his clothes, Brother Johnson had unzipped his suit pants to reveal his dick, already at full mast.

When Elder Stewart saw the dripping precum dripping from Brother Johnson's dick head he involuntarily started to salivate.

Running his throbbing dick up and down the boy's cheeks until the cute young thing was squirming with desire, Brother Johnson teased Stewart's opening for what felt like an eternity.

Finally, Brother Johnson lined up his dick with Stewart's hole and gently pushed forward slipping his cockhead past the sensitive sphincter.

After that it didn't take long before Brother Johnson was deep inside Stewart, filling the boy to the hilt.

It was at that moment Elder Stewart discovered a new sensation. Something about being overpowered by a confident, muscular man that drove him wild.

Elder Stewart pushed against Brother Johnson, oblivious to the many things in store for him. The only thing in the universe that mattered to him at that moment was his handsome ward mission leader pounding his hungry holeā€¦sending him into another zone.

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