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Gay Wrestling Chet Chastain vs Dolph Danner

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Lights Out! Badboy Knockout Challenge

It's time for one of our favorite things at BG East: pitting a couple of newcomer recruits against each other just to see what they do when things get rough and messy. In this case, two attitude-filled wannabe heels - both with fairly extensive indy pro credentials - square off in a knock-out match for bragging rights! Confident Chet is in the ring first, warming up, making the ring squeak and rumble as he shows off his smooth, beautifully-proportioned body and extraordinarily handsome face for BG East cameras.

Tattooed bad boy Dolph intrudes, his plans for the day already set: "You ready for a nap?" he asks. Right away, the guy's loud mouth and samurai hair bun rub Chet the wrong way. Unintimidated and almost by instinct, he squares off against him, ready for the challenge of a sleeper match, the winner being the one (the only one) to walk away on his feet. Dolph wastes no time in showing his true colors, blindsiding his opponent with a wildly swung slap to the mouth, knocking pretty boy Chet onto his sweet ass.

Chet springs up, shoving Dolph backward. Dolph appreciates a little spunk in his intended victim, rewarding it with a boot to Chet's midsection. "That was stupid," he gloats drily, pounding Chet facedown to the vinyl with fist and heel. He yanks him back up for a vertical suplex. Chet bounces, body arching, groaning as he clasps his jolted spine. Before the stud can get to his feet, Dolph locks his arm behind him, palm on the deltoid to step up the pressure to the shoulder joints, then against the neck to push Chet's face to the toe of his boot. Dolph orders him to kiss it. Chet drives Dolph to the mat with an indignant "fuck you" and grinds the platinum hair bun in a side headlock. If Dolph thought we were going to make it easy for him by handing him a candy-ass his first day on the job, he obviously has another think coming. Chet's got the goods, that's for sure!

In a dynamic display of spirit and strength, Dolph escapes the headlock and clamps a rear naked choke on Chet. Barely three minutes in, and Dolph is this close to shutting his opponent down and stopping the contest. He takes his time with it, though, bearing down to make Chet writhe as he gasps for air. He lays the stud on his side and gives our cameraman an unobstructed view of Chet's lithe torso squirming in torment. With great difficulty Chet gets his foot over the bottom rope, and Dolph makes a clean break.

It's hardly a magnanimous gesture for Dolph, who only breaks the hold because, as he says, "I want to inflict as much torture on you as I possible can!" He drives the point home with a snap-mare takedown and a sharp swift kick to the kidneys. Dolph crows triumphantly, "I love it when they fall." He loves it a lot less when Chet grabs him by the back of the skull and head-butts his teeth! Dolph goes down hard and fast, quickly checking his mouth to see if he's lost a front fang or two. Capitalizing on his sudden advantage Chet straddles the heel's hips and starts strangling him like a crazy man as Dolph chokes and gurgle, kicks and thrashes and tries to catch a live-saving breath.

These hot young and very sexy wrestlers are set on impressing the hell out of Kid Leopard himself, showing just why each of them has what it takes to join the ranks of BG East heels. Their robust give-and-take action and fiery paroxysms of rage keep this match going with the kind of fireworks we would expect to see in a grudge match between lifelong rivals. Beatdowns against the ropes, heart-stopping kicks, and, of course, constant strenuous attempts at choking each other into unconsciousness create edge-of-your-seat excitement that roller-coasters to a deadly six-minute knockout. Get ready to gasp! If this fight doesn't bust your fly open, you need to check your pulse!
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