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3 Reasons To buy this film

    Two pre-condom Cadinot classics for the price of one.
    Three decades later, we still wonder where the hell he found such beauties.
    Long unavailable in the United States, now back for your whacking pleasure.


All of Me aka Aime Comme Minet (60 minutes)
Considered to this day to still be one of director Jean-Daniel Cadinot's best early classics. Big-dicked French schoolboy Pierre Buisson regales a photographer during a photo-shoot with sizzling tales of his rape by two straight co-workers at a bakery, and his steamy afternoon tryst on the stairs of an apartment building - all the while playing with his massive endowment in and out of a well-worn jockstrap. This is all-male eroticism at its best, shot entirely on film and in French. Lots and lots of oozy pre-cum loaded young cocks help fortify All of Me (aka Aime Comme Minet) into a pre-condom masterpiece.

-- Mr. Powerbar

"Keeping along the same line as Dream Boys, this film affords a sample of "Jean-Daniel Cadinot's marvelous ability to sustain a certain mood. This beautifully rendered film was Cadinot first that you will never forget. "I never make a film only to please the public" Jean-Daniel said. "I work for myself. If others happen to enjoy my work, fine. I always have several themes in mind, and when I find the actors who can help me realize those themes - men I myself am attracted to - then I make a film." All Of Me stars Pierre Buisson as a youngster who comes to Cadinot's studio to interview for a modeling job. The acclaimed French filmmaker has recreated for us his first meeting and photo session with Buisson - one of his most seductive and desirable models. But he's done it one better by including, in live action, the experiences that Pierre related to him during the modeling session."

Man By the Pool aka Touch of Magic aka Le Garçon Près de la Piscine (60 minutes)
This delightfully simple yet sexy film falls into the pantheon of "sweet" films from director Jean-Daniel Cadinot, who's been known to get a little rough at times. (See Les Minets Sauvages.) This one is all fantasy and romance - a young lad is pining for some companionship and love in his life. So, he does would any of us would do - he sends out for some magic tablets that, when thrown into his pool, cause young fawnlike boys to spring forth with their wide open mouths and rosebuds. Steeped deeply in logic, as you can tell. No matter, these young 'uns go at it like nobody's business, providing some good spooge shots. Some of the guys here look alarmingly young - even by Cadinot standards - and they do sort of blend in together after a while. Still, it's hard not to like such a sweet flick (lots of groping, kissing, hugging and fondling) and it should satisfy the fans. While it's probably not the best one to start off with if you've never seen a Cadinot, Touch of Magic (aka Le Garçon Près de la Piscine) remains a fan favorite and is certainly a worthy entry.

-- Keeneye Reeves

"Eighteen, gorgeous and alone on a sumptuous estate, a guy by the pool is getting bored. His only contact with the outside world is the postman who delivers his gay magazines. The classified ads and chatlines help guys hook up; with three on the line the tension mounts; the pleasure couldn't be any stronger. A strange advert intrigues him, so he responds. The postman delivers a curious package and the pleasure is everything he'd been waiting for! A delicate, funny, imaginative film with an ending one must not reveal."

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