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DescriptionAT ARM'S LENGTH, PART 1

Eddie Moreno sniffs greedily at Paul Skylar's dirty armpits then pinches Skylar's nipples who's busy sucking on Moreno's fat uncut cock. Skylar's motor mouth switches sides as he burrows his face into Moreno's ass. Simon Cox arrives on scene and begins servicing both cocks, feasting on Skylar's foreskin while fingering Moreno's ass. Sklyar takes this opportunity to poke Moreno's pink hole, grabbing Moreno by the hips and thrusting his thick cock in and out of Moreno's ass.

Moreno is on his back -- abs rippling eagerly - as fantasy stud Jackson Price greases up his ass with Crisco. Moreno stays hard as Price works his hands in and out of Moreno's hole. Rob Edwards plays with Moreno's cock while Price goes to town on his ass. Moreno stays rock hard during the ass invasion and shoots his was with Price's arm buried up his greedy hole.

Simon Cox hangs in a sling as Eddie Moreno starts to get better acquainted with the dark meat dangling in front of him. Cox swallows Moreno's fist with ease and isn't too eager to give it back. Moreno goes deep in the gut with his tattooed forearm -- even Moreno seems surprised. After swallowing and spitting out Moreno's big hands, Cox blossoms and lets loose a torrent of worked-up jizz.

Blake Harper plows Jackson Price while Boyd Thomas watches from the side. Price takes a serving of Thomas' cock while Harper rhythmically pounds his pleasure hole. Thomas picks up where Harper left off, prying Price open with a thick black dildo. Harper takes a turn jamming the dildo into Price -- but only as a prelude to his fist. Price goes into a trance as he swallows Harper's wrist.


The lights are barely on in the studio and tattooed ass-expert Moreno is already in a sling and sucking on a dildo. Matt McGrath sucks Moreno's spicy sausage with enough ferocity to make Moreno's ass quiver. McGrath feeds Moreno's hungry hole with a saber-like black fuckstick, a deep-reaching dildo that snakes up Moreno's rectum. Paul Skylar joins McGrath as they take turns fisting the eager bottom. Skylar gets Moreno good and greasy, then rocks him back and forth on his forearm. He pulls out just in time to cum over the sling-bound stud.

Moreno has been on the receiving end of more than a few slings, but this time he wants a chance to get his hands dirty. With Rob Edwards sling-hoisted to shoulder height, Moreno goes spelunking. Simon Cox gives Moreno a hand - or at least a few fingers - when he needs it, greasing up his arm for numerous entrances and exits. Cox feels left out of the fisting fun, so he greases up the saber dildo and wriggles it up Moreno's ass. With Moreno still buried inside Edwards, Cox takes some time to deep throat Edwards' fleshpole. Moreno takes over Edward's cock while Cox stuffs his fist up Edward's hole to the elbow! Edwards is in pig-sex heaven eventually shooting a thick load from his pierced cock.

Simon Cox and Rob Edwards lay head to head on a sling suspended from the ceiling. Paul Skylar buries himself up to the elbow in Cox while Jackson Price works Edwards on this perverted Push-me Pull-me. The men work themselves into a hardcore frenzy of sweat, musk, and spunk-filled sex.
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