Mustang - Bang Bang

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DescriptionDean Monroe and Tag Adams are the big bang-ees in this first class all-sex production, and both studs show off their power-bottoming skills to perfection. And there's a scene included that not only pushes the envelope, it's also one of the most creatively raunchy things I've seen on video in a long, long time.

"Bang Bang!" is structured in three parts: in the first segment, Tag gets a chance to grab the spotlight; in the second, Dean does the same; and in the last, both Tag and Dean perform in a long, intense, and eye-popping orgy with the rest of the cast.

I would bet that no gay man who has ever watched Tag Adams in action hasn't thought about what it would be like to be with him. Tag has a hyper-intense lust for cock that is rare, and it always comes through in his performances. And his lust is even more impressive than usual here. Tattooed, well-hung Jacob Slader is Tag's first object of lust, and Tag goes after Jacob's thick meat with total abandon, swallowing it, licking under Jacob's balls, and then letting Jacob fuck his throat hard. Jacob then trusses Tag up, his arms over his head, and lanky stud Jason Crew and brunet Jagger watch as Jacob licks and tastes Tag's armpits, face and neck. Then the three studs release jets of water from nearby pipes, drenching Tag, and themselves, from head to toe, making his jeans (believe it or not, Tag hasn't even gotten naked yet) cling to his legs and crotch. While the water continues to jet all over them, the dudes strip down to wet jocks, unleash Tag, and a four-way cocksucking and ass-eating orgy ensues. The action moves to Tag on his knees, with the three studs taking turns as Tag blows them and eats out their asses. Next is the aforementioned sequence that is so inventively raunchy. One by one, Tag blows each of the dudes until he shoots his load in Tag's mouth. They're wearing condoms when Tag sucks them off, so each load of cum is captured when they shoot. They then each pull off the rubber and slowly play with it, teasing it across Tag's face and into his mouth, the cum still trapped inside. This is the cleverest and creative thing I've ever seen in gay porn, and it works like gangbusters onscreen. They end with another mind-boggling volley of cum-shots, as each stud walks over and unloads yet again on Tag's body, and ends with Tag drenching his boot with his own load.

Dean follows up Tag's opening act with an amazing performance of his own, featuring sexy Randy Gunz. The high-energy begins with Dean getting a prime rimjob from Randy in a leather sling. Randy's pointed tongue arrows into Dean's exposed hole with every forward rock of the sling. Randy thoroughly explores Dean's hole with his fingers, shoving two in with no problem, and then he releases his long, uncut cock from the confines of his jeans and makes Dean sniff it before he sucks it, which is both erotic and unexpected. Randy's tease of Dean isn't done yet -- before he fucks him, he shoves his cock inside Dean's jock pouch, where it rubs against Dean's dick and balls. When they actually do fuck, the penetration is photographed beautifully, with shots focused on close-up, underneath, and from the side of the action. Both Dean and Randy add much to the scene with their sex-talk and guttural moans as they fuck. Randy's cock is huge, and it looks great sliding into Dean's tight butt. Dean climbs out of the sling for the last part and Randy stands over him and feeds him his cock (and Randy's ass, by the way, is absolutely gorgeous). Dean impales himself on Randy's cock one last time, riding it hard, and in the finale, Randy splashes his load all over Dean's chest. As Randy smacks his still-hard dick across Dean's face, Dean lets go and then he squeezes every last drop from the head of his cock as the screen fades to black.

The orgy scene involves every guy in the cast, and it is dynamite. Shane Rollins gives Dean and Tag a run for their money in the power-bottom arena, taking on Randy (in his ass) and Markus Ram (in his mouth) at the same time. Not to be outdone, Dean and Tag lie together on a table and let the rest of the studs use their mouths, tasting every last inch of available cock. Other highlights of the orgy include Shane hooking up with Tag and topping him, proving that he's as good on top as he is on bottom, and Dean watching as Jason plows Jagger from behind. Then Tag and Dean get fucked side by side, Tag by Kris Anthony and Dean by Markus. The ending cumfest is astonishing, with huge loads delivered from each stud in the cast, but Tag's is the most impressive, and it's even better when he shoves his face in it and eats it.

Tag and Dean end the flick with a kiss -- not, ironically, a bang.
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