BrokeStraightBoys: Zeke Weidman & Lucas Ryder (1080p)

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Released Jun 28, 2020

Zeke Weidman 69s And Fucks Lucas Ryder Bareback
Zeke and Lucas make out on the bed for a while before Lucas moves his mouth down and discovers Zeke's delicious cock.  Taking it in his mouth, Lucas sucks and licks that sweet shaft until Zeke is good and hard.  Lucas stands up on the bed to get treated to some oral next, closing his eyes in pleasure as Zeke gives him some loud, sloppy head.  Zeke goes for that ass, pulling Lucas's tight little hole onto his mouth and rimming it.
Lucas sucks on Zeke's prick again as he gets his ass eaten and then moves his ass from Zeke's mouth to Zeke's cock, taking that dick up his freshly licked hole.  Zeke slams his member into Lucas, fucking him raw and deep as Lucas takes every last inch of Zeke's rock hard cock.  That tight ass is too much for Zeke and he can¬ít hold his cum back no matter how hard he tries, his seed spilling from the tip of his pulsing cock.  He fucks and fingers Lucas until Lucas busts a nut too, cum dripping onto his stomach as he squeezes every last drop out.
2020-06-29 10:09:44
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