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Three Brothers (The Rocklands)

1998, 98 min

Country:  US
Studio:  New Age Pictures
Cast:  Vince Rockland, Hal Rockland, Shane Rockland, Paul Carrigan, Anthony Gallo, Derek Cameron, Paul Morgan, Sharon Mitchell
Director:  Gino Colbert, Sam Slam

One of the late '90s biggest selling titles. The three hunky, hung, and uncut real-life Rockland brothers, in various combinations, star in a bundle of very hot action-packed "short story" vignettes (and they're all tops). The stories are called "Cabin Fever," "Body Parts," "Three Men and a Blond," and "Hard Help is Good to Find."
In the first, a straight couple�s lovemaking (Sharon Mitchell sucking Paul Carrigan) is disturbed by Vince, whose car has broken down en route to an online trick�s house. Due to the inclement weather, hubby Carrigan invites the stranded, soaked visitor to stay.

Later that night, hubby pays the guest a visit. Vince "fucks that filthy ass" of "little girl" Carrigan but good. It's totally nasty, with Vince in his verbal abuse fuckmode, and it's truly a sight to behold and hear (his ripped abs and huge uncut lovetool don't hurt either) and is without question the one that's replay-worthy.

In the third and most certainly hottest scene, all three big-dicked and chiseled-bodied Rockland brothers - Vince, Hal, and Shane - share a hotel room with superstar-bottom blondie Derek Cameron. A porno on TV (which is attached to a VCR - so much for production design) gets the four hot and bothered. Vince clucks prudishly (and unconvincingly), particularly when they watch a guy plug another�s ass. "Lithen - ith all a matter of relaxthing the muthleth" informs blondie. He knows from experience, which the brothers happily supply more of during a killer "gang-bang-the-blonde" sequence.

Incest queens take note:
Although the brothers appear in scenes with each other, they don't "do" each other. However, they do lend helping hands and hold their prey's asses open for each other, which is hot and nasty enough. As a bonus, straight "A-listers" Nikki Sinn, Sharon Mitchell, Veronica Hart and Sharon Kane make cameos in this brother-liscious delight!


Lost Exit

1999, 90 min

Country:  US
Studio:  Racy Pictures
Cast:  Ethan Marc, Tuck Johnson, Scott Davis, Geoff Ashton, Matt Douglas, Frank Taylor, Anthony Gallo, Dereck Bishop, Mike Lamas, Sam Carson, Lex Kyler
Director:  Billy Wyatt

What could have been a typical, by-the-books "road movie" is given an extraordinary twist in this near-perfect film from director Wyatt. Containing some of the best shot and hottest fuck scenes of the year, I'll be damned if I know how this didn't win a ton of awards.
The sleazy-hot Ethan Marc and new discovery Tuck Johnson (he of the near-perfect cock, killer abs, evil smile and definite husband material) make for one of the most eye-opening outdoor duo scenes of the year. There's also an incredibly sleazy, hustling-style pick-up between Geoff and Matt (in a highway rest stop bathroom no less) that had me hard before it even got into the sex itself.

First we're treated to a lovely shot of one of the dudes taking a piss - an attractive come-on to some I suppose. A game of "stroke the steak" ensues. When a cop (Lex Kyler) busts in on the duo and scares the piss out of them (well, not anymore I guess) and forcefeeds them his thick cumdripping cock, I nearly lost it. The officer orders them around, never takes off his mirrored glasses, and does them over the trough-like urinal. Yum!

There's more: When was the last time a "docking" scene got you totally riled up... even to the point of blowing? Well, wait 'til you get a load of this one. It's all meaty foreskins getting pulled, prodded, stretched and seriously used. The second "tricking in the toilet" scene - complete with hilariously hot P.O.V.-shots from within the bowl itself - was also a major turn-on.

The whole cast is uniformly hot looking (especially Tuck: you can medicate my pad anytime you want, dude!) Lots of truly raunchy mansex on tap here, all exquisitely shot by Wash West (Animus; Naked Highway). The garage gang-bang sequence - featuring one of the sleaziest glory hole tricks of the year - had me hitting rewind almost immediately. I never paused or fast forwarded through a single scene, and - not to share too much info with you guys - I literally came four or five times during the whole "shebang."

(And I ain't talking Ricky Martin here, either; he's too vanilla.)

Coupled with near Hollywood-standard outdoor photography, it's one of the year's best, and I can't wait to see what director Wyatt does next. I guess I am kind of praising this one to the skies, but if this is the type of quality stuff Channel 1 is going to be putting out, other studios better watch out.

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