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2007, 148 min

Country:  US
Studio:  Buckshot Productions, Colt Studio

Cast:  Danny Roddick, Dallas Reeves, Dean Phoenix, Jan Fischer, Jorden Michaels, Justin Burkshire, Kevin Armstrong, Kurt Wild, Sebastian Rivers, Tory Mason, Trey Casteel

Director:  Jerry Douglas
Screenwriter:  Jerry Douglas
Producer:  Tom Settle
Executive Producer:  John Rutherford

2008 GayVN Award Winner:
Best Screenplay (Jerry Douglas)

From the press notes, courtesy of Colt Studio:
"Danny Roddick stars in the role of Chandler, one of the most popular guys on campus and a pillar of his college fraternity. When one of his fraternity brothers discovers that Chandler has been secretly working his way through college making all-male adult movies, all hell breaks loose. Determined not to resign, Chandler sets out to discover the secrets of the other brothers and "level the playing field." The entire film takes place during one long, hot night at the frat house after a formal dance.
The cast, including Danny Roddick, also features Dean Phoenix as an over-endowed redneck, Jan Fischer as a foreign exchange student, Kevin Armstrong as the president of the frat, Trey Casteel as a blue-blooded legacy, Sebastian Rivers as a football star, Tory Mason as the campus sex hound, Jorden Michaels as a theological student, Justin Burkshire and Kurt Wild as brothers, and Dallas Reeves as a closeted pledge."

Buckshot Productions, a part of the COLT Studio Group is proud to present its latest release, BROTHERHOOD. Legendary Director Jerry Douglas and Videographer/Editor Max Phillips come together with the Buckshot Productions team to produce an epic two and a half hour feature.. From the score by Rock Hard, to the lavish shooting location and industry leading cast its clear from the start BROTHERHOOD is a top notch production destined to be an instant classic.

BROTHERHOOD has a college theme that taps into the simmering homoerotic tensions brewing behind closed doors on college campuses all over America. An outstanding cast consisting of some of Buckshot Productions biggest stars as well as exciting newcomers shows you a world where the carnal desires of a group of fraternity brothers come roaring to the surface in the course of an evening long power struggle.
Buckshot Man Danny Roddick heads an eleven-man cast in the two-and-a-half-hour tale of one wild night at a fraternity house when it is discovered that Roddick's character, the most popular guy in the fraternity, has been working his way through college by making gay porn films. In six sizzling scenes, Roddick sets out to "level the playing field" by discovering the sexual secrets of his "straight" fraternity brothers.

The dazzling cast includes Jan Fischer as Roddick's fuck buddy, Kevin Armstrong as a hard-nosed ROTC officer, Dean Phoenix as a redneck with the biggest dick on campus, Sebastian Rivers as a football player with a jockstrap fetish, Justin Burkshire and Kurt Wild as a pair of blood brothers who have an inordinate fondness for one another, Tory Mason as the campus pussy hound, Jorden Michaels as a divinity student who is saving himself for his wedding night, Trey Casteel as an upperclassman with a thing for body shaving, and Dallas Reeves as a closeted pledge.

In one torrid scene after another, hidden urges are revealed and subliminal desires explode in a series of revelations that give a whole new meaning to the word BROTHERHOOD. From its opening circle jerk to its bare-ass football game finale, BROTHERHOOD provides a bird's eye view of the simmering homoerotic tensions to be found behind the Greek door in so many college campuses all over America.

"This is one of the hottest casts I've ever assembled," noted Douglas, who began his long career in 1972 with the now legendary THE BACK ROW. "Not only do they all have magnificent physiques and equipment, but all are among the handsomest faces working in the industry today. Certainly, this is the "facey-est" cast I've been able to put together since DREAM TEAM."

For fans of Danny Roddick, BROTHERHOOD will be a bonanza of constant delights, for he appears (to one degree or another) in every scene in the film, demonstrating again and again that he is a master at the art of seduction and displaying an instinctual versatility that will leave viewers in breathless envy.
Comparatively speaking, writer-director Douglas makes very few films - usually only one a year - so each new production becomes an event. Six of his films - MORE OF A MAN, KISS-OFF, HONORABLE DISCHARGE, FLESH AND BLOOD, DREAM TEAM, and BUCKLEROOS - have been named Best Picture at various award shows. Now almost 72 years old, Douglas continues to make his own unique brand of films, and BROTHERHOOD finds him at the peak of his powers.
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