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DescriptionOriginal upload: 2014-09-06 |
For you connoisseurs of the most muscular Johnny Bravo, I have
assembled a collection of 20 clips ranging from the expected workout
and muscle pumping a la Muscle Gallery and Repetrope to the more
detailed explorations of this massive muscle god from JimmyZ and
Straight Muscle Guys. Included are a few bonus quickies featuring
Bravo naked on webcam.

No pr0n from this str8 bodybuilder - just muscle and more muscle.

This bodybuilder muscle  collection was inspired by this post:

Some of those posted files are included herein.

But in this collection the clips haves been cleaned up and recoded/comined
where suitable (no FLV or WMV files), and much new material has been added.
Where practical, the original content is provided unaltered, sans recoding.

Attached with this post are three representative screen thumbnails.

Total running time of the Bravo muscle collection is 6:34:44.

Diehard Bravo fans will not want to miss the Johnny Bravo Connoisseur Wrestling Collection:


480x360    32:41  Johnny Bravo - Private Posing - JimmyZ.mov
480x360    14:10  Johnny Bravo - BBJAM18 Performance - JimmyZ.mov
480x360    10:07  Johnny Bravo - BBJAM18 Posing Finale - JimmyZ.mp4
512x384    19:05  Johnny Bravo - BBJAM22 Performance - JimmyZ.avi
640x360    25:34  Johnny Bravo - BBJAM31 Performance - JimmyZ.mov
640x360    31:49  Johnny Bravo - BBJAM31 Posing Finale - JimmyZ.mov
640x360    30:56  Johnny Bravo - Stalker - JimmyZ.mov

480x360    59:05  Johnny Bravo - Shoot 1 - Muscle Gallery.mp4
640x360    56:14  Johnny Bravo - Shoot 2 - Muscle Gallery.mp4

640x480    9:32  Johnny Bravo - Webcam Dick Strokin.mp4
640x480    3:35  Johnny Bravo - Webcam Naked Muscle in the Kitchen - LiveMuscleShow.mp4
640x480    6:53  Johnny Bravo - Webcam Swinging Dick on Webcam - LiveMuscleShow.mp4
960x720    1:38  Johnny Bravo - Lockerroom Posing.mp4

720x405    2:00  David Riley aka Johnny Bravo - Pumproom - Repetrope.mp4
1280x720    7:40  David Riley aka Johnny Bravo - Onstage Pumproom - Repetrope.mp4

640x360    13:59  Johnny Bravo - Crushing Fruit - StraightMuscleGuys.mp4
640x360    17:06  Johnny Bravo - Flex Appeal - StraightMuscleGuys.mp4
640x360    20:51  Johnny Bravo - Jockstrap in the Bedroom - StraightMuscleGuys.mp4
640x360    13:09  Johnny Bravo - Massive - StraightMuscleGuys.mp4
640x360    18:32  Johnny Bravo - The Cop - To Protect and Be Served - StraightMuscleGuys.mp4

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