MilitaryClassified - Nevada 5

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DescriptionNevada contacted me recently wanting to know if there was any way he could make money. I know when I hear this question, it always opens up the idea that I could control what he would do for the money since he is in dire need of it. I negotiated a fuck in the garage over the dryer and Nevada was satisfied to the point that he come over today and delivered on a pounding he hasn't given Rob since he met him... check it out!
When Nevada arrived to my studios he was a little thrown off by the set because I had moved everything into the garage and not the usual spots we shoot at. We filled out paper work and got all the particulars out of the way and even shot some pretty nice stills after the shoot instead of the standard before the shoot. Next we made our way down to my garage and I pulled out my trusty iPad in order to prove the pussy porn needed to pull this off.
Once we got the situation figured out and Nevada knew what he was going to be doing, we made our way to the next step and I immediately dropped to my knees and began to take his clothes off waiting to unleash that 6 inch cock I've been waiting to see. I began sucking Nevada's cock like no other and before long, he was rock hard in front of me and I made him take the rest of his clothes off before I prepped him to fuck my ass.
Now Nevada took advantage of a brown ass in front of him with porn playing in the background and Nevada took control by grabbing my hips and fucking me like I was one of his craigslist whores. He began to deliver like a porn star and fucked like he's never fucked before. Nevada was so turned on by the whole situation that he didn't last long at all and in fact this video was shorter than usual because Nevada just couldn't hold out.
In the end, poor Nevada was no match for Rob's ass, 4 days of holding off from cumming, and some amazing pussy porn staring at him in the face... of course he blew a big fat load and it was pretty amazing because Nevada was so turned on up Rob's ass that he literally had to pull out and spray Rob's ass in order to get the money shot on tape! Damn this was a good one!

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