Ultimate Factory + Append disk[JP]

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DescriptionTook some time for me to be able to upload things again.

This is Ultimate Factory with it's Append disk. It is an rather old Japanese simulation game
that has so many characters you can choose. I forgot some of how this game is, but you
have to run the factory and be success in order to find a way to have sex with different
characters. And you have to reach the goal in normal marketing simulation in order to
see the Ending with certain characters that you have End Flag with.
You can be lover with as many characters as you can before the date of ending, and you
can choose who you will be with at the end. You can save before choice, and see all of them.
This game only have Album, no memory, which I have to say is somewhat bad. You have to
save if you want to repeatly go through the sex scene that you like.

As usual:
You will need to change your OS to Japanese.
Or just go to system and change Unicode to Japanese for playing this game.

The savedata I had has about 80%+ of CG album. Didn't count carefully so may be more
or less then that. By the time of upload, this game's newest version is v2.53.
Added2015-07-12 22:21:44
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