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Rabib + Daxter

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DescriptionHere are 2 BROKESTRAIGHTBOYS avi files featuring Daxter/Dexter
and Rabib/Rabid.

The quality (especially the 2nd one) is… just average.
Both have XviD video & mp3 audio inside.
(See the contact sheets for more details.)

Description, from the site:

I had two guys stop into the studio to do some work
and one of them was Daxter, who was 22, straight, and very
broke. In pairing him up, I choose Rabib, who was 19,
definitely straight and just moved to Florida from New
York to do some video work. I told them that this was just
a jerking off session and that I was going to pay them to
jerk off for me. If they did a good job then I was going
to have them come back again for some more work in the
future. Standing up both guys got undressed for me and
exposed their naked bodies to the camera for the first
time. Daxter and Rabib were both very quiet to begin with
and sat there looking at a video that I had put on to try
and get them hard.

After just a few minutes of stroking their cocks with lube, you
can clearly see as I did that Daxter has a monster of a cock.
I even had him stand up for me so that way I could see his
whole body. Showing has ass to the camera, he had a nice set of
buns. This also allowed me to get a close up of his cock.
Rabib's dick was getting hard but wasn't a rock yet. He was
really nervous and I could tell from all the models that I have
ever shot that it was just going to take some time for him to
warm up to the camera. He said that he had sex with a girl
yesterday, and maybe that is why he just wasn't getting hard.
Rabib has a very young, innocent look to him, smooth, has a
couple tattoos, and I think he does have a wild side that he
could show.

With Rabib standing up for me, I was able to see that Rabib had
just trimmed right before the shoot so his hair was very short,
and he shaved his balls. I was able to see that he was around a
six inch penis and he was doing ok now. It was like pulling
teeth for him standing there just about two feet away from me,
so when he got a chance he sat back down. I didn't let them get
too comfortable before asking them both to stand facing each
other. Watch them and see for yourself that they don't want to
get caught looking at the other one's cock. In watching Daxter
jerk off he would concentrate on the tip of his cock, then
would moved down towards the base, and then the whole thing.

Taking a seat the two jerked off more to the video and I asked
them to work on getting closer to cumming for me. After saying
that, was when Rabib started to go down in size, but I didn't
say anything because I didn't want to make him even more
nervous. However, after I moved the camera onto Daxter he
started to breathe faster and that is when I noticed that he
was starting to have his orgasm. His load shot out on his lower
stomach and hand covering them with white, hot, cum.
Panning back over to Rabib he wasn't even close. I stopped the
camera for a moment and gave him a short break of me filming,
but then I tried again. He stopped me and said he just wasn't
going to be able to nut. I told him that I would give him
another chance in doing a shoot for me in a couple of weeks.
I hope to be able to put Dexter in a shoot where he fucks a
dude with that huge cock of his.

I invited Rabid to come back to us after a couple of
weeks off to see if this was something that he could do or
not, because the last time he was here he had some trouble
performing. Since the last time he was here, he landed a
girlfriend, and is still very much broke. Now, Daxter is
back again for another shoot as well to be in with Rabid.
Now, this was a complete surprise to both of them, and I
wanted to see the reaction I was going to get out of both.
Rabid wasn't very excited about $1500 for sucking and
getting fucked for that amount. To see how smart they were
I offered them $3000 to split between the both of them,
but then they realized that it was still the same amount.

Agreeing to start the scene out slow, Rabid said that he would
see how far he was willing to go. Daxter too had never done
anything with a guy before, so he was just as nervous.
Standing up both guys got undressed and as soon as Daxter
turned to the camera I could see that he already had a boner
going on. Taking a seat on the couch, the two of them were
nervous in getting started, so I just instructed Rabid to start
giving head. He leaned over and placed the erect, curved penis
in his mouth and started sucking. He started with a bang, and
Daxter placed his head on the back of Rabid's head to make him
go further down. Moving to the floor, Rabid got into more of a
comfortable position. As he went down on the dick, he was able
to get most of it in his mouth.
Deep-throating was something that Rabid was proving to be good at.

Watery-eyed Rabid said that he was ready for the fucking to
begin, and Daxter was ready to give him a good pounding.
Starting out on his back, Rabid took his position on the bed
and just starred at the dick that was soon going to be piercing
his tight little asshole. Slowly Daxter would push a little of
his cock in and Rabid would tense up. As the movements began it
was easier for Rabid to relax. Once the dick was all the way
inside, the two of them started to get in a motion.
Rabid started to breath, and enjoy it, and they started to move
around at their own freewill doing it. As Daxter pulled back on
the hips of Rabid, they would moan out load to show that they
were enjoying it. Pulling the bed up with his hands, Rabid was
gripping it, from the feeling of excitement.

Turning back over, Rabid returned to being on his back, and
this was much easier to see his facial expressions. Daxter was
able to go to town on the ass, and really pound away at
whatever speed he wanted. There was a connection going on
between them, and I was able to just stand back and tape it.
They were so warn out from all the fucking that the two took a
break for a brief moment before returning to the fucking.
Rabid climbed on top of Daxter and started to ride that cock.
I noticed that in this position his cock started to grow in
hardness. They finally called it quits and Rabid went back to
sucking cock for a few minutes, before he received a facial.
The warm, creamy cum shot on his face, and he placed the cock
in his mouth sucking on it afterward, sending Daxter into a
deep moan.

That was a great shoot, and the two of them did very well with
each other. They admitted that it was a lot of fun, and that it
was not just for the money after they got started. I tried to
see if I could get Rabid to cum, but he said that it wasn't
going to happen. However, I didn't care because he took that
cock like a champ.

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