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Lucas Entertainment - Raunch - Ride it wet

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DescriptionRide It Wet

Scene 01: Adam Herst and Drew Cutler

Adam Herst cares for nothing but his own filth: he’s hiding away in a shady room and with no one watching, he gets onto his back and props himself up. The hunk’s dick is heavy, so Adam starts pissing all over himself; he’s soaked and glistening as he bathes in his own filth. But he’s not alone for long: There is a gloryhole in the room where Adam believed himself to be alone, and a stranger pokes his cock through. Adam is excited to see the piece of meat presented to him, and he knows what to do: with his bearded lips, he starts to suck on the head and works his way down the shaft. As Adam sucks, the nameless cock starts to squirt piss all over Adam’s face, who slurps and spits it up. The anonymous sex drives Adam wild to the point where his ass is anxious to be poked. He rolls a condom on the cock, bends over, and he starts getting fucked rough. He grunts and groans, sometimes struggling to take the full size of the cock as he gets plowed, but the anonymous man demands a hole to fuck, and Adam wouldn’t dare deny him. The gloryhole eventually gets in the way, and the cock is revealed to be Drew Cutler’s when he walks into the room to meet Adam. Words are not exchanged: the guys piss on one another before Adam gets on his back and spreads his legs for Drew to fuck him until the bottom bitch brings him to climax!

Scene 02: Kyle King and Tate Ryder

Kyle King can’t hold it in anymore: he ducks into the bathroom quick to take a piss, despite his hot, sexy roommate Tate Ryder, taking a shower. Some guys might be offended, but Tate always had his eye on Kyle, and asks him not to waste the piss but rather shower it all over him. They hop into the shower stall where Tate drops to his knees, opens his mouth, and starts gulping up the flood of piss that Kyle unleashes into his mouth. Pissing turns quickly into sucking and the two hunk roommates begin blowing each other’s cocks. Tate, too, needs to take a piss, and Kyle is horny as hell to be treated like a dirty bitch. Tate pisses on Kyle so much that Kyle’s hair is soaked! They hop out of the stall and piss some more in the toilet before Kyle decides to boldly eat out Tate’s ass, who can only lean against the bathroom wall and moan as he is licked. Kyle can’t control himself, and with Tate’s ass right there, puckering with excitement, Kyle grabs a condom and slips inside the hot porn star. Kyle starts slamming and pounding Tate, who loves every thrust, opening up his hole as much as possible to accommodate for the size of Kyle’s big dick. Kyle drills Tate without concern for his bottom, and every now and then he pulls our and lubes up his hole with piss! And when Kyle cums all over Tate, the bottom whore can’t help but eat up the semen!

Scene 03: Preston Steel and Trent Atkins

The toned and sweet-faced porn star, Trent Atkins, has been put in good hands. He debuts on Lucas Raunch with Preston Steel, who is able to pull off being both handsome and rough at the same time. The guys are wearing sexy jockstraps, and Trent is the first to pull his down to give his erection some air. Preston kneels down and wags his tongue, teasing out some piss from the shy Trent. But he delivers some spurts of pee, and Preston spits it all back on Trent, soaking and causing him to glisten in the light with fresh urine. The guys switch positions and Trent takes all of the piss Preston has to offer. By demeaning Trent, Preston is loosening the boy up to be his bitch, and he first plays with Trent’s asshole before setting out for what he wants. Preston bends the cutie over a seedy leather couch and tests what Trent is truly made of. Preston’s cock is hard and big, and Trent closes his eyes and grits his teeth as he accepts Preston into him, and it is a lot more than he bargained for. But Preston doesn’t care: he’s going to teach Trent how to be a pig, and he flips him around in several positions before stalling to piss on him some more! When they’re finished, the piss is mixed with cum!

Scene 04: Edji Da Silva and Rio Montenegro

Rio Montenegro is innocent looking enough: he has a sweet baby face, and from the beginning when he’s presented to Arabic power-top and Lucas Entertainment exclusive Edji Da Silva, it’s going to be rough. Edji never takes it easy on anyone -- his cock is rock-hard from the beginning, and Rio uses his mouth as a hole for Edji to fuck. The Arabic hunk fucks Rio’s face like a little bitch, grabbing his hair and ramming his throat. When Edji tires of the bottom’s mouth, he flips Rio over, pries open his hole with a rough finger-fuck, and pisses in his hole and on his back. Rio loves being treated like a sex toy, and be bolts back around and starts worshipping his top’s cock more with his mouth. The guys embrace their filth by pissing more on each other and then lapping up the puddles of urine and spitting it back on each other! More than once, to put Rio in his place, Edji slaps him around to prove who is boss. The raunchy degradation concludes with the boys mixing cum into the puddles of piss!

Scene 05: Damien Crosse and Felix Barca

Damien Crosse and Felix Barca both have worked out, muscular bodies with rugged and handsome features. They corner each other in the showers and with hard cocks start to spray piss all over their godly physiques. Felix goes first: Damien drops to his knees, opens his mouth up wide, and starts unleashing his urine in his mouth. After taking all of the piss he can and spitting it back onto Felix, he works his shaft and the head of his cock with his hands and mouth, giving Felix a deep and attentive blowjob. The wet hunks switch positions and Felix opens up wide to accept Damien’s urine, which he does with pleasure. With his excited lips, he starts sucking on Damien’s big uncut cock. The boys love showing off their bodies, and with all of the piss they’ve unleashed, their chest hair is saturated and clinging to their muscles. Damien grows horny for much more, and he begins eating out Felix’s ass in the tub before letting him know that he needs more if he’s going to get off. Felix knows what he has to do, and with his ass bent over and hungry for cock, Damien slips inside him and starts to thrust. The shower turns on, and the guys are covered in piss and water as they fuck, and their bodies have never looked hotter!
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