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Manly heat quenched

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Description"Manly Heat: Quenched is the second part of Buckshot Productions' two-part erotic epic. Brian Hansen, Brad Patton, Joey Jordan, Matt Cole, Corbin Michaels, Colby Taylor, and Jherrad Lopez soak up the cool, wet sensuous atmosphere of this lost lake in Utah. Whether it is on a houseboat, a speedboat or even a rock jutting out in the lake, these men find ways to satisfy their wet dreams and create some for the viewer as well.
Director Kristofer Weston staged some inventive settings in which the guys play, make out and make love to each other in the American Southwest. Weston created a refreshing respite from the intensity of the first part of this production. It is as beautiful and a relaxed retreat, as is diving into a pool on a hot day. Max Phillips videography includes shadows and shade for the men, with the bright intensity of the water as a backdrop. Sergio Montana’s music underscores the spa-like quality of the scenes. It is the perfect second act in this series and follow up to Manly Heat: Scorched.

Scene 1 begins in a Jacuzzi on a luxurious houseboat where Brad Patton and Joey Jordan are relaxing and making out. The blond god Patton and dark hunk Jordan start in their bikinis, though you know that Patton’s large member is not to be contained! Jordan releases it and buries it down his throat. Patton teases Jordan’s ass with his dick, tongue and some water from the Jacuzzi, preparing to take him. And he does - in the Jacuzzi and later on the deck. The two men fuck slowly and intimately and seal the deal romantically after they spray each other with their loads.

Scene 2 begins with Brian Hansen and Matt Cole bathing in the lake. They find a rock that is jutting out above the surface on which they can kiss and explore each other. Hansen slides way down the stunningly built Cole and services him. Hansen offers his glistening bubble butt to Cole, who goes to town, licking and getting him ready to be taken on that rock. Cole pounds him against the rock. Hansen splashes himself with his own cum, before Cole pulls out and drenches Hansen.

Scene 3 finds Matt Cole showering on the houseboat. He bathes his tall, chiseled body and cock. The dark and sensual Jherrad Lopez happens to find Cole and can’t help but to join in and lather him up. Their passion for each other nearly traps them in the shower, as they never leave it even while Cole services Lopez. With all the water, soap, saliva and pre-cum, they stay in there and jack off together, showering each other with their orgasms. They stay and make out as the scene fades.

Scene 5 features Jherrad Lopez and Corbin Michaels on the front deck of the boat, holding each other and taking in the scenery. They enter the bridge, where captain Colby Taylor will be taking in his own scenery, watching these two boys go at it. They make out on a couch in the main cabin behind the captain’s chair, and they stay dressed for an almost unbearable amount of time, as Michaels starts sucking Lopez through his pants. Taylor looks anxiously on, as does the viewer! Finally, Michaels pulls Lopez’s pants off and goes to town, taking his time. Michaels eventually lets his big tool loose, too, and Lopez literally drools over it. Taylor watches and pulls out a big one, as Michaels begins to fuck Lopez. The three of them will have to swab the decks after their deluge of spunk.

Scene 6 is shot on a speedboat with Brad Patton and fellow Brian Hansen, which is highly appropriate for these two hot and beautiful men! The two are stunning and gorgeously shot in this scene, and are extremely passionate as the boat speeds across the lake. They fuck furiously in several positions, and you can see what a great time they’re having. As the boat is fast and furious, so are the guys ferociously jacking off, with Patton producing a torrent of cum all over Hansen’s chest."

Cast:  Brian Hansen, Brad Patton, Colby Taylor, Corbin Michaels, Jherrad Lopez, Joey Jordan, Matt Cole

Director:  Kristofer Weston

Editor:  Max Phillips

Executive Producer:  John Rutherford

Producer:  Tom Settle

Composer/Score:  Sergio Montana

Videographer:  Max Phillips

Country:  US

Length: 1 hr 40 min

Year: 2006
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