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Original upload: 2020-05-13 22:31:30 |
Adriano Marquez, York Powers, Will Clark, Marcello Reeves, Trenton Comeaux, Brad Michaels, Rick Matthews

Welcome to paradise! Island Guardian brings you to a place where passion rules, fantasy runs wild and desire lays as heavily upon you as the tropical sun's heat. Shot on location in unbelievably beautiful Hawaiian locations, Island Guardian is a lush jungle panorama with hot, hairy, humpy guys goin' for it. This sensuous scorcher is the best Sex on the Beach ever! Brad Michaels is at his hairiest, muscular best as the island's protector, rescuing stranded climber Adriano Marquez and passionately reaping the reward of his meaty ass, or making Trenton Comeaux submit to the force and power of his fat dick, their sensual lovemaking becoming a sweaty, nasty lustfuck. And it doesn't get any piggier than bad-boy York Powers and Will Clark wrestling and fucking in the steaming mud. Clark doesn't stand a chance against the foul-mouthed abuse of the man who makes dirty a dirty word. Over two hours of intense masculinity and passionate man-to-man sex at the edge of a jungle cliff, on a deserted beach, under the crashing power of a 50 foot waterfall.

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