Michael Fassbender

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DescriptionOrigins: This collection started as a sort of my personal appreciation for this man. A great actor, who doesn't shy away from nudity. I decided to upload it when I found the site woefully inadequate in Michael Fassbender images. And it kind of snowballed into this collection. After going through all these images I am still mesmerised by his beauty.

Description: Contains 81 image files, 3 gifs and 1 video file. Files include a mixture of softcore, erotic, nude and partially nude themes. Images include Screencaps from his movies: 300, Centurion, Fish tank, Shame.

With Michael Fassbender as the subject, we need to understand there is almost no bad picture. The man is so beautiful, almost every photograph of his, is worthy of being framed! I have only included the pictures, which I, in my own humble opinion, consider as the cream of the crop. I have tried to include the best quality images and pictures with the best resolutions, wherever possible. I, in no way claim that this is a complete compilation of all the actor's pictures, naked, shirtless or otherwise. Internet is a vast place, and I am bound to have missed some, here and there. And in my experience, I have found, looking up Fassbender images on the internet is like getting sucked into quicksand! Sinking deeper and deeper, in search of lost Gold. And as the man does not shy away from nudity, there is a lot of gold out there!

Fair warning: Female presence in a few images and video.

Note: Since the file mainly consists of images, I urge the downloaders to not upload all the pics as samples. As there will be no point in downloading the torrent in that case.

If you have any suggestions, feedback or recommendations please feel free to leave a comment. If you want more image compilations of your favourite celebrity crushes, please recommend who you would like to see next, in various states of undress. I will take your recommendation under advisement. I would love to hear back from you and make improvements in my future torrenting endeavours!

This is my first torrenting attempt, please be kind and patient. Hope you enjoy viewing it as much as I enjoyed compiling it! Have fun! ;)
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