♺ GuysGoCrazy41 - Shower Buddies 1 of 3 (Original video plus 2 camera angles and a point of view cam)

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Original upload: 2011-10-19 |
Fun in the shower is an understatement for these gay boys, and in fact these shower buddies are so into it that one of them brought his video camera along in order to capture all the action! After showering down with each other for a while the action quickly begins, with some wetlook sucking and fucking right there on the shower floor that pretty much makes the whole cleaning process just minutes before pointless, because these guys are getting dirty as they can with each other with no regard for the orgy loving filth they\'ve finagled themselves into it. This group sex session really kicks off strong and hard in the GGC update, and that means the next few updates are gonna be totally gay and totally out of control!
2015-09-20 01:57:06
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