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Mikhail - 1.
Ordered around, stripped naked, bullied, tied up, flogged, fingerfucked... and anal hooked.

Gullible young Mikhail clearly doesn't know enough English to grasp that we aren't real builders. But when we demand he does his work wearing a ballgag, he sure understands the phrase "extra money".

Unfortunately for him, once he's agreed to that, he's quickly undone. The confused and vulnerable boy has no idea what is happening to him, as we cross the line from strange demands to outright bullying.

After being made to strip himself under duress, I quickly slap some rope on him and render him totally helpless. As I painfully pinch and twist his nipples and force him to wank me through my jeans, Mikhail looks truly terrified. He should be.

It's not long before I'm slapping him around, prying his skinny buttcheeks open and ramming my fingers up his arse as Derek shoves his face into the filthy urinal.
And what better to compound his humiliation than being suspended by a large steel anal hook up his arsehole, requiring him to balance precariously on his toes for as long as we leave him...

Mikhail - 2.
Violated by our fucking machine and forced to suck dick at the same time.

It isn't hard to overpower scrawny Mikhail and tie him down like this... but forcing my fingers into his virginal straight arsehole is pretty damn difficult, it's that tight.

However, one way or another, Mikhail's going to get fucked - so I kick things off by making him suck the rubber cock that's soon going to be rammed up his arse. He's none too keen on having dick in his mouth until I tell him his own spit is all the lube he's going to get on that dildo.

As the dildo enters his hairy little arsehole, he yelps in pain - but opening his mouth to cry out gives Derek and I ample opportunity to fuck his face nice and hard.

The fucking machine pounds into him relentlessly, and when we turn it up even faster, Mikhail's cries become even more plaintive. We drown his noise out with a giant vibrator on his hairy young nuts - with his cock tightly bound to the chair, it's an extremely sore and tender experience for him.

Mikhail - 3.
Spread wide over our knees and thrashed hard with whips and paddles.

This humiliating spanking position was a request from a viewer, who wanted to see a lad held down over both our knees to be beaten, with his hole exposed. Thanks for the suggestion. Don't mind if we do.

Little Mikhail doesn't stand a chance against our combined brute strength, and we bend him over and pin him down to punish his skinny arse.

After a sound beating with the wooden paddle, he's already crying, and his pert little arsecheeks are turning a lovely shade of red. Next, we give him a lashing with the stinging flogger, which lays some red stripes over the sore spots left by the paddle.

After we've really thrashed the shit out of him, we force him to actually beg for a fucking. With his hole already sore from the ravages of the fuck-machine earlier, the last thing Mikhail wants is our dicks in his arse.
But with a series of hard, firm hand spanks, eventually he breaks and wails through sobs, "Yes, fuck me, fuck me, yes..."
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