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Damn Hot Daddies playing wBoys Vol 11.0 [Mixed Clip Composite]

This is a mixed composite of my 3 favourtie scenes of DAMN HOT DADDIES w BOYS - VOLUME 11, a compilation of sizzling intergenerational Daddies doin' the deed with their boys - sans the clothing and behind closed doors. Sometimes it's twink bois with Dad and sometimes it's a bit older - bu the age gap lust is always there. Most of the Daddies are bigger, hairy, types who are all beefed up and boned up for the tight younger boy's ass. Quintessential intimate, m2m, d2s encounters that inevitable seems to happen when an attractive older man mixes with the younger boy(s), just as it has always been happening back through aeons of history to the beginning of civilization. 

I pulled these mixed vid clips together from GT.RU and from the web, edited out the boring parts and just left the juicy sexy parts for you to watch and jack on, man! Unfortunately they didn't come with titles or lists of actors, but I can tell you that their all well known Daddies and the scenes are VERY hot. in fact this WHOLE ENTIRE SERIES OF OVER 30 VOLUMES , is some of the hottest Dad/Son sizzling scenes I have EVER SEEN [and/or dreamed about participating in]...and I've nearly seen EVERY the D/S clip around. I think Daddies ROCK! These rock.. Enjoy!

3 different scenes. T.R.T. 01:04:07. .MOV Format.  Size: 1.63 GB

Scene 1 Super big dicked blue collar daddy doin' the deed with a sexy brunette power bottom. This scene is so HOT I've watched it a million times and EVEREY TIME I WISH IT WAS ME DADDY WAS FUCKING. It's a sizzling hot bareback scene where Daddy's fucking boy before , during and after bustin' his nuts in boy pretty tight ass. Lots of necking while fucking which is a personal fav of mine. It's 100% real love making between a dad and his son - not well known porn actors doing a sex scene.

Scene 2: Two tall dark and handsome arabs (one smooth and one real hairy) in this middle eastern all male trio scene of male lust at it's best. Each of then middle eastern men take a different hole on the boy and take turns stuffing him full of cock at the same time. Ripping hot sex - Again a personal fav flick of mine I always find myslef wishing I could be int.

Scene 3: This is a shower / bedroom scene of an attractive, hairy everyday looking daddy who's MAKING LOVE to his buf muscle boy with a super fine chiseled body and supreme ass. Very sensual and sexy, it daddy son carnal desires explored to the fullest. Super romantic and sensually erotic. Not your typical wham bam thank you sir porn fest fuck scene. Never seen either character before or since which kind of makes it even hotter, because it's so real.

ALSO SEE:  The other volumes in the series (over 30 in all). Personal message me if you need any of the films in the series reposted.

If you like what you see and would like to see more, then consider donating a few bonus points. My ISP restrict seeding, so points is the only way I can survive on GT.ru. Many than ks to those who've given in the past.

Good luck on your search and Jack-On!

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