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DescriptionOriginal upload: 2014-09-24 |
Session 10:
Restrained, ballbusting and stomach punching, jock-strapped arse spanked with a cricket bat, arsehole fucked with a rod, dick and hairy nut sack groped, jock strap covered in urine and wrapped around his face, arse flogged.
Cricket is the ultimate gentleman's game and with that comes an attitude of entitlement and privilege. After a hard game sporty Guy goes into the makeshift locker room and is disgusted to see that it's a space also used by the grounds men. It's time this star player and hairy stud gets taken down a notch and learn what it's like to be sexual used and abused by the men who watch him lustfully from the sidelines all day. He's bound in place by the pervy men who strip down his trousers to reveal his sexy jock strap. Adrian and Dave test his mettle by kicking him in the nuts and pounding his hard torso with their fists. His magnificently hairy arse is beautifully framed by the twin white straps. They make it blush by whacking it with his own bat. The mouthy cunt curses his captors, but that only encourages them to bend him over and give him a royal fucking with a cricket pole. Seeing as he has such a dirty mouth his fragrant jock strap is soaked with piss. The wet stinking strap is wrapped around his head so with every breath he takes he has to taste and inhale the rank stench of urine. Dave flogs Guy's arse so his sweet dick and balls jostle around manically while he desperately tries to get away.

Session 11:
Tied with hairy body on display, balls weighed down, fucked with a dildo on a stick, verbally menaced, teased till his dick is hard, hot wax poured on his glans and balls, given an icy bath.
Sporty Guy has been using his mouth to talk down to everyone around him so it's time he learns that mouth was made for something else. Tied down with his masculine hairy body on show a dental gag is fastened to keep his mouth permanently open and ready to receive. His nuts are separately tied and weighed down making them as prominent and bulging as ripe plums. With his tight furry arsehole exposed it's impossible to resist shoving a big thick dildo up his anus giving him a true look of shock. His captors prove what a filthy fucker he is wanking his cock till it's hard by promising the debauched things they are going to allow men to do to him now that he's in this vulnerable position. They control and subdue his pleasure pouring hot wax on his genitals causing the humiliated sports hero to holler in agony. The proud stud is thoroughly shamed as he's made to watch as his once imperious cock is thoroughly ruined.

Session 12:
Tied, verbally shamed, flogged, made to sit on a series of increasingly large dildos, cock sucking training, gagging on a hard dick
Handsome hairy cricket star Guy has it too easy. As a rich, privileged and admired athlete people normally fall over themselves to serve him. But here in this filthy locker room he's taught to serve the demands of a sadistic pervert. In his tight white jock strap his legs are bound together and his hands are encased in thick cricket gear padding to restrict his ability to move. Ordered to plant his tight hairy butt on a series of butt plugs, he moves along inch by painful inch trying to comply with Adrian's demands or else he feels the sharp sting of the lash on his body. Once he is finally able to sit back with the hard plastic lodged firmly in his anal cavity he is given a hard lesson on how to service a man's cock. He's fucked in the mouth vigorously while the butt plug lodges further up his butt until every nerve in his body is stimulated making him painfully aware of what low cock-sucking scum he's become.

Session 13:
Bound to a spanking bench, arse caning, jock strap cut off from him, made to piss into a bucket like an animal, gut punching, back and arse lashed, teased till he's hard and made to ejaculate.
Hairy stud Guy is a very tempting sight cuffed and tied to a spanking bench wearing only his jock strap and his tight arsehole on show. The most he can do to try to escape the pervy man's probing finger is wiggle his arse which only turns on his captor more. His big muscular hairy butt cheeks are ripe for a caning. Each sharp lash elicits a frustrated groan from the athletic fella and makes him thrash around against his binds. His smug expression blazes into a look of angry rage as he can do nothing to prevent the relentless attack to his bare bottom. A bucket is placed beneath him and he's instructed to release a long stream of urine into it as if he were no more than kept live stock.
Dave wants to test what a tough man Guy really is. Bound naked with his arms and legs spread he receives a series of hard-fisted punches to his hairy torso until the masculine fella is reeling. Next Dave wields a flogger to stripe his back and muscular butt red. Exhausted from being so harshly dealt with, Guy can only be humbly grateful when Adrian greedily strokes his cock and fondles his big dangling balls. After such an intense round of pain, Guy is overcome with the pleasurable release of spilling his sperm all over the filthy locker room floor.
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