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Ripped Rookies 2 wrestling

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DescriptionThe tone is good natured as they lock up on the mats in the backyard of the BG East compound. Just a couple of bros with phenomenal physiques messing around to settle who is bigger, who is badder, who gets bragging rights back at the gym. In sensationally brief trunks stretched improbably across their muscled glutes, their packages bounce and shimmy as they press against one another, testing strength and balance. Biff confidently muscles the newbie around the mat. But then suddenly, Van slams big Biff down and instantly snaps his powerful, hairy thighs around him in suspiciously expert body scissors. If Biff was looking for an opponent who doesn't know what he's doing, he picked the wrong ripped rookie!

Matched muscle for muscle, they start taking things more seriously. Van slides big Biff into position for a rear naked choke. "Who's the champ now, buddy?!" he taunts. Neither hunk has an easy time holding onto the advantage. As they scramble across the mat, rock 'n' roll Van is quickly coated in sweat that makes his magnificent muscles glisten in the noonday sun. Suddenly, he mounts big Biff in a humiliating schoolboy pin, resting his dangling package on his opponent's chin and flexing his bulging biceps. His magnificently muscled glutes come popping out the top of his tiny white trunks as he sneers down at Biff's stunned face.

This match features some of the finest chain wrestling you'll see in a couple of ripped rookies. Wrist locks, scissors and sleepers are traded back and forth in innovative combinations and to devastating effect. Big Biff has a clear size advantage that he exploits mercilessly, but nobody can hold onto momentum for long with this much muscle at play. Both hunks tap out. But with egos and bodies this big, no one is calling it quits until just one ripped rookie is choked out limp and lifeless. Muscle fans rejoice, because Biff and Van are bringing brawn, beauty, and top notch mat wrestling to keep you guessing until the very end!
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