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Staxus - Spunky big-dicked fuck-buddies - (mp4)

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Description Milan Sharp, Marco Rivera.  Is there anything more likely to attract a sexual partner than the ability to play the piano? Well okay, maybe there is – a big cock being the most obvious alternative quality! – but itÂ’s still a skill that doesnÂ’t seem to stop Milan Sharp from getting all the right sort of attention from the wrong sort of boys. Marco Rivera being one such horny admirer, whose dark, lean looks are bound to get pulses racing and knobs pounding!

The STAXUS new-boy certainly seems to have a quickening effect on Sharp, thatÂ’s for sure. Just a few seconds on from him entering the room, blond-boy Sharp is as hard as fuckinÂ’ nails, which gives Rivera the perfect opportunity to demonstrate his rather exquisite oral skills. True, they might not be quite as classical as SharpÂ’s work on the old ivories, but we hazard a guess that youÂ’re gonna appreciate them all the same.

Certainly young Sharp seems to enjoy the attention, thatÂ’s for sure; indeed itÂ’s not long before heÂ’s gasping for the opportunity to relieve his burgeoning sexual tensions by fucking the bejeebies out of the cute little pianist. A move that signals the start of a hot, sweaty, balls-busting set-piece thatÂ’ll have you creaming in no time. All topped off by two spunky climaxes from both of those big, uncut dicks!

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