Sprung HD

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DescriptionSprung HD

Addison Scott
Alec Martinez
Bryce London
Cameron Fox
Clint Cooper
Gus Grant
Jacob Wood
Kevin Miles
Leo Bramm
Matt Skyler
Thom Barron
Muscle men Addison Scott and Caesar play convicts locked away in prison - that is, until their fellow prisoner Alec Martinez creates a diversion so that they can escape. Martinez takes on the two guards, played by the ever hot German stud Thom Barron and Gus Grant. He goes back and forth sucking their hard cocks and allows them to insert their baton (an actual baton) in and out of his juicy hole. As he sucks one guard, the other rims and fucks him until they all cum and realize that two of their prisoners have escaped.
Scott and Caesar run like the wind through the hot desert (I just have to add that they look even better when they're sweaty and their muscles are bulging, oh) until they come upon some civilization. They find someone's laundry and change out of their cute stripped uniforms and take off.
Meanwhile, Cameron Fox and his lover, Matt Skyler, are waiting for some friends to arrive. What they don't know is that Scott and Caesar are outside watching them and planning their attack. They knock on the door, pretending to be lost hikers. Scott fakes a limp so Fox and Skyler let them in. Caesar asks Fox to show him around, leaving Scott and Skyler alone in the living room. Once out of sight, Scott grabs Skyler, strips off his clothes and forces him to watch as he jacks off. Then Scott shoves his meaty dick into Skyler's mouth and physically forces him to blow him and lick his rock hard chest. Scott gets nastier and meaner as he flips little Skyler over and eats his ass, then sits on his face and forces him to do the same. Then he literally plows into his ass untill they shoot their loads.
In another part of the house, Caesar is coming on to Fox, who doesn't resist at all. This pairing has real chemistry and an abundance of heat. Caesar relentlessly sucks Fox's rather large cock and lets Fox tongue his juicy hole. Then Fox slides his hard cock into Caesar's awaiting ass and pumps into him. Afterwards, the two kiss and embrace and head into the house. They find Skyler naked and bound. Scott grabs Fox to do the same, but Caesar stops him. Just then there is a knock at the door, Officer Cooper stopped by to make sure they were okay and informs them about the escaped prisoners. Fox gets rid of him, and the boys come up with a plan to escape the home without getting caught by the police.
Later, Fox and Skyler continue with their plan to have their friends over to celebrate Bryce London's 23rd birthday. Officer Cooper stops by again and finds Fox with his friends, played by Kevin Miles, Jacob Wood and Leo Bramm. He joins in on their orgy of sucking, rimming and fingering. This is a great six-man orgy that ends with the boys shooting their load all over Bramm.
The video ends with Skyler, Scott and Caesar escaping to a tropical paradise where they await Fox's arrival. After watching this, Scott and Caesar weren't the only ones sprung.

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