CorbinFisher – Barron & Zander - 720p

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While I wasnÂ’t too surprised Zander agreed to give some guy/guy action at shot while at Corbin Fisher, I was a bit surprised he was down to try getting fucked for his first time. I was further surprised when he agreed to have that first time be with Barron!
Barron’s hung and he doesn’t go easy on a bottom – when he fucks, he’s a man on a mission. The mission here would be working over Zander’s hole hard and deep, and not holding back. It turns out that was entirely fine with Zander!
ZanderÂ’s young, ripped, and eager for new experiences and adventures. Finding himself on the receiving end of a hard fuck from Barron opened his eyes to pleasures heÂ’d likely have been unable to imagine just months ago, and I think heÂ’s entirely ok with that.
Despite being a worked out stud himself, Zander gives himself up completely to Barron. I suspect many of these alpha male types occasionally find themselves fantasizing about what it might be like to submit to another guy and let them have their way with you, and that’s precisely the position Zander finds himself in here – while loving every bit of it.
2020-09-11 09:28:56
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