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[BG EAST]Andy Hammer vs Raven

CategoryWrestling and Sports
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DescriptionThe Boss' Pet and the Gutterpunk

Andy Hammer has been one of The Boss' pets from the moment the blond, blue-eyed beauty with a bubble butt took the beating of his life from Jonny Firestorm and immediately signed up for more. He gets off on pain. Giving it, receiving it, whatever. He likes the hurt. A lot. And with a deeper and deeper resume of hard knocks to teach him (along with some special attention from the tutor-in-charge of it all, Kid Leopard), young Andy Hammer has also become a deceptively dangerous twink to mess with.

Raven, on the other hand, has been dangerous from day one. It's not because he arrived particularly adept at the art of wrestling torture. It's just that the tattooed Las Vegas gutterpunk has zero inhibitions and is ready to do whatever it takes to put an opponent on his back and suck down the spoils of victory. Raven has few limits or boundaries.

When Raven enters Andy's hotel room, he gets thrown to the bed and forcibly stripped of his warm-up gear. "Not bad," he smirks, appreciating Raven's tightly packed shiny white trunks. Before Raven realizes what's coming, Andy pounces, pounding his abs and pinning him to his back. It's not always clear who's got whom as these two scramble on the bed (and then on the floor, and then on the other bed) in a non-stop give and take of move and countermove, hold and reversal. Evenly matched in size and strength, the battle is waged primarily between Andy's technical skills and Raven's audacious, reckless abandon.

Andy sets the pace as the tussle unfolds. A single leg crab squeezes a grunt out of Raven. His bearhug makes the flailing punk wilt. But none of Andy's offense goes unanswered, as Raven counters out of sheer determination and scrappiness. A backbreaker/chokehold combination looks bad for Raven, but on sheer gumption, the kid busts free and counters. His crotch-to-face headscissors has The Boss' pet seeing stars. Over and over, he uses those incredibly flexible and deceptively strong, wiry legs to neutralize Andy's offense and turn the tide of momentum his way. As the action gets hotter, so do the two wrestlers.

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