The Last Taboo (1996) Studio 2000 mp4

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Surprisingly thoughtful for a hardcore gay porn video.

director Dave Babbitt

Drew Beaumont
Jake Taylor
Jon Davis (Paul Morgan)
Logan Reed
Marc Calles
Mark Montana
Matt Bradshaw
Rick Chase
Sam Crockett
Tony Brandon
Tony Brocco
Tyler Gray
Tyler Tauzan
Michael Zen = Non-sexual role

Drawing inspiration from today's headlines, the story of The Last Taboo revolves around the hot topic of same-sex marriage, and its impact on the lives of four male couples and their friends. Even though it's evident from the very start of the video that a marriage has taken place, the script is cleverly constructed in such a way as to keep the viewer guessing which couple it is that finally "takes the plunge."

1. Tyler Gray, Drew Beaumont

2. Mark Montana, Sam Crockett, Jake Taylor, Tony Brocco, Marc Calles

3. Logan Reed solo

4. Rick Chase, Jon Davis (Paul Morgan)

5. Matt Bradshaw, Tony Brandon, Tyler Tauzan

6. Tyler Gray, Drew Beaumont

7. Mark Montana, Logan Reed
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