The Reward1,2&4

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DescriptionThere is crushed fruit all over the living room floor and Stephan is the human mop/ Ciko and Rocky take great pleasure from humiliating Stephan and they do not forget his racism so easily.
The boys sit on the couch and kick off their sneakers. Stephan must lick the discarded sneakers clean and endure rib-breaking kicks as he serves as a human shoe cleaner using their saliva as a shoe polish.
Even worse, Stephan must have his face used as a spitting target. The spit comes right from the gut and sometimes lands on his head, his face but more often than not right in his mouth.
Next the boys decide to use Stephan as a human skateboard. They force him to sing a nursery rhyme as they ride his back. True psychological torment and humiliation. These are true slave-drivers.
Ciko grins and peels a banana. He spits in Stephans mouth and then spits on the banana. He then stuffs it into Stephans mouth and covers Stephan in spit.
Even more tasty than the banana is the stench of Rockys socks. Rockys positions his feet firmly on Stephans face and forces him to inhale the smell. The two boys subsequently engage in a game of sock trampling.
Stephan looks on in horror as the boys unleash their bare feet. The crushed banana and the unmentionable debris between their toes is too much to bear. No matter, he must lick.
Stephan soon realises that his situation is helpless and he begins to submit to their will.
Vicious trampling and horrible humiliation. Those who have seen part 1 of The Reward wont want to miss Part 2. Debut Masters Ciko and Rocky are natural talents.
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