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Description1 ) [CzechHunter] Czech Hunter 118 (05.12.2013) [NEW RELEASE] : SIZE : 485 MB

When I started the hunt today already the first boy agreed to take part in a little "interview". Was he thinking that it would be broadcasted on TV and he would get famous? I forgot to ask so I guess I will never know. But I asked him for his life, his job, wether he has a girlfriend and about his financial situation. He was quite open considering that he was talking to a stranger. He even allowed me a peak into his sex life. He looked quite young but was obviously willing to experiment. Perfect for me. I offered him an experience he wouldn't forget. Well, he wasn't as easy as I thought when we started to figure out his "financial compensation" ...




2) [Mypornmonster.com]Czech Hunter : SIZE : 499 MB

I have a friend with a message in the gym. I? There was always a happy and satisfied with one of the messages in time. So I decided to try it. I'm on a couple of guys from the street and offered them a free massage. I opened a studio for a promotional video for them. I have money and a free massage. The third boy, I close the deal. What should I do? I do not know when he will realize that this is all about. But when I asked her to strip, it seemed a bit nervous. And I have to admit it? It's true. It should be an explosive sexual tension in this time of the message to be. In the end, I offered him money for some services. Now what do you think ....



[Mypornmonster.com]Czech Hunter
Year: 2012
Genres: Anal/Oral sex, Bareback, Masturbation, Cumshots, Public Sex
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3) Czech Hunter 01 : 520 MB

This was a real success. My friend told me to wait in front of the university. He ensured me that a lot of Students there were quite flexible when it comes to making money. So I approached the first guy. Maybe I was too open in that moment. He almost tried to beat me. But I escaped. A little bit shocked but I was able to make a second try. And I was successful. A handsome guy who was unshaved with slightly curly hair passed my way. I asked him if he would show me his cock for 1.000. It didn't take long and he showed it. Only a few seconds but a whole lot of money later he agreed to suck me round the corner on the campus. It was great. And I had to make an unmoral offer to take him to my apartment.

4) czech hunter - 3 : 464 MB

I Realized That Prague's Main Train Station Is Always a Good Place to Make a Catch. Many Boys Are Coming and Going. Especially Young Guys. so I Started In Front of the Station. I Approached Two Attractive Men and I Was Able to Involve Them In My Interviews, but Non Was Even Willing to Take Off His T-shirt. I Was About to Change the Location When I Finally Made a Last Try. a Muscular Guy Came Along. He Appeared to Be a Little Bit Macho-style. but He Liked My Offers. I Was Very Direct. He Was on His Way to Work. but Since I Offered Him the Equivalent of a Month's- Salary He Was Really In a Hurry to Catch the Next Taxi. We Went to a Transient Hotel. and This Is Where I Deflowered Him.

5)  Gay Porn_Czech Hunter_135_Horny Businessman : SIZE : 567 MB

From the Czech Hunter himself...
"So many hot young dudes’ve been walking around me today. It was almost impossible to pick the ONE to approach. The one I’ve chosen was well dressed and kind of posh looking, I would say. After a few minutes of polite chit-chat I got him to agree to have a hot beverage with me. Meanwhile he was sipping his coffee, he was tough and reluctant towards my offers. After a while I realized that it was basically the environment, which was making him nervous. As soon as we went out, where nobody could hear us, he was keen to talk about money and my dirty offer. But it was only words, let’s see if I’ve managed to talk him into kinky action and and for what prize."

6) Czech Hunter 136 : SIZE: 654 MB

"I was feeling lazy today, so I’ve decided to go for a sure thing. A train station is always the best pick-up place. Just after few minutes I’ve got what I wanted. Bit confused, young looking traveller who didn’t have an idea where to go. Once again I’ve used my “ …it’s a school project… “ pickup line. We sat down at a small canteen, ordered baked tea and some crepes and started to talk.It was his first time in Prague and he came alone. This just made him the easiest game I’ve ever hunt down. After a small talk I’ve shown him the money. That amazed him and he wasn’t scared anymore. I saw the GREEN in his eyes and I knew that the greed will make him agree to do things he never even thought of."

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