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Family Values (Men of Odyssey)
1997, 135 min
Studio:  Men of Odyssey
Cast:  Kurt Young, Derrick Stanton, Bo Summers, Brent Cross, Bryan Kidd, Cole Tucker, Erich Lange, Kristian Brooks, Steve O'Donnell, Steve York
Director:  Jerry Douglas

Winner of five major Gay Video Awards,
including Best Director and Best Actor (Kurt Young)

Kurt Young, who swept several award shows the year before with his dual turn in the multi-winning Flesh & Blood, is even more astonishing (and handsome) here as a young man searching for the truth about his father. His mother (the luciously-lipped Sharon Kane) has been hiding the truth from him, and upon finding out that her son Kurt is gay, kicks him out, thus sending him on his quest. And what a quest it turns out to be. He is slowly sucked into the sex-club scene, hot on the trail of his father's whereabouts.
Young gets into a really nasty ass-plunging with the normally top sex pig Cole Tucker. At the same time, Kurt is face-to-face with an older stud across from him (legendary Derrick Stanton, in an amazing comeback) plowing a young colt. Get ready to rumble!
The scene that is playing out before us gets quite twisted, almost disturbing, because the implications are starting to gel - is Stanton, in fact, Kurt's father? On his travels, Kurt and a buddy hook up with a blonde, beefy, and stoned-to-the-gills pimp (a hilarious Bo Summers); their subsequent threeway is a two-fisted pumper that'll have you rock hard and wanting more. And, oh do you get more...
As the film (and probably you!) comes to a climax, Kurt faces the obvious truth in a sequence that will make you squeal and squirm because of its implications, but I guarantee that you'll hit the replay button just to confirm what you think you just heard and saw. It's a mind-blower, and incredibly hot as well.
Top-notch production values, some of the hottest man-to-man action you'll see, and a truly eye-catching plotline (a slightly too-long running time, too) make this a definite keeper, and puts it up there as one of the all-time greats.

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