Treasure Island Media - Plantin' Seed 2

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DescriptionPLANTIN' SEED 2 starts off with a Bang: KEVIN SLATER is one of San Francisco's premier studs, packin' a big ol' 9-1/2 inch manrammer (I swear to God it swells to well over 10 when he's really on it). He's wanted to shoot his seed into the guts of Euro-boy STEPHAN ever since we showed KEVIN pics of the cute 'n' innocent bottom-boy. And these two connect - butt good!

Bucking like a rabid mule, SLATER shoves his big curved cock harder and deeper into innocent little STEPHAN's ass, ramming it deeper and deeper until you see him hit THAT SPOT (yeah, you know the spot). STEPHAN's eyes just suddenly glaze and he's on that different planet that a primal fuck puts you on. And KEVIN just rides him hard, rammin' and slammin' until he gets the job done!

Then KEVIN unroots his long rod from STEPHAN's reamed-out hole and STEPHAN catches the residue spooge on a cookie, jacks off onto the cookie himself - and then daintily chomps the spooge-chip cookie right down. Munch-Munch-Munch. The succulent tangy taste of a well-fucked cumhole.
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