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French Connections Part 2: Conquest 1999 89 minutes
Countries: USA, France Studio: Falcon Studios Director: John Rutherford Non-Sexual roles: Antonio Romano, Eric Hanson
Cast: Brennan Foster, Colby Taylor, Drew Damon, Jared Wright, Wolff, Ross Vincent, Christopher Scott, Alan Eve, Addison Scott, Luc Jarrett, Jens Hammer, Thom Barron, Matt Skyler, Guy Philippe, Loic Herault

The sequences involving extreme buttplay, fisting, oversized toys, and/or watersports appear only in this director's Cut version.

Please note, whilst similar to another torrent shared on this site: http://tracker.gaytorrent.ru/details.php?id=129464 this torrent is different as that file has all the VOB and other files separated and this file is a self-contained ISO file that can be burned to DVD or loaded in a 'virtual drive' and played on the DVD player of your choice.

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This second part of director Rutherford's award-winning overseas Gallic epic is even hotter than the first part. Truly a classic. Welcome to the second part of our 'romance in France', with a scorpion sting in its tail. If you have no idea what I'm talking about just picture red roses and passionate kissing. But be aware that the opening credits roll with a warning that "this video contains sequences that some people may find objectionable" - enough to enamor me to anything. If you've seen the first part (managed to get an "Eiffel" so to speak) you'll know what to expect. For those that haven't here's a recap: Boring blonde Foster has taken his boyfriend for a romantic get-away-from-it-all break in Paris and managed to get dumped, disowned by his father, visit a seedy sex club, become forced to turn tricks to survive, and no doubt about to invest all his entire life savings in the dot.com market. Ready for the conclusion'

When we last met Foster his car had broken down. As luck would have it sexy dark Damon comes to the rescue, giving him a lift back to Foster's family chateau. Whoops - forgot I was disinherited, so the flirty Frenchman takes him back to his place (tastefully decorated for a frog, too). The two get busy in the bedroom in a terribly romantic scene where the huge-cocked kissing couple sixty-nine each other before Gallic boy rubbers up and fucks l'amour back into Foster's life. Multi-positioned, multi-camera angles really complement the on-screen action here. Both shoot (Foster ever the noisy cummer) and sink back into the pillows. Foster takes a bath and flashbacks to his pervy trick session and ex-boyfriend Hanson - forget him, the audience cries - he dumped you! What an asshole! Back at the sleazy sexclub five guys are busy getting totally filthy and piggy, including part one's Wright, sexy Wolff (must have been after he was deported from the US), mega hot Vincent and Knight and Scott. This fiveway could be a teaser for the The Final Link - it's that intense, Wright being especially oinky as little Knight swallows his cock whole and Vincent works his nipples. Vincent then gets a huge dildo up his hole for good measure before Knight gets in the sling and is fisted by skinhead stud Scott. Wright is next in the sling and enjoys his time, but suddenly a sixth figure appears - a mystery masked man whose identity is obscured, but with those sequins is it Liz Taylor'

This guy starts by taking Vincent all the way to his elbow before getting two hands up at once! When Knight gets back in the sling after this amazing show it's an unfair anti-climax and totally not his fault, so the guys fuck him instead. The sight of the sweaty studs working his hole and showering their fluids with such animal intensity it could have set the room on fire, and will get you hot and bothered for weeks. Oh la lah! Foster is back touring the club. At first he watches Philippe and Eurofave Hammer's session. Sacre bleu! Mon dieu! I simply want to eat these two! Hammer is a Cazzo Film pro and you'll drip as he kisses, licks and sucks his partner before he gives it up (and looks amazing) to his trick, who thrusts with such intensity it's no surprise to see how much Jammer shoots. And there's a welcome return of the low angled camera shots that really make those foreskin covered popsicles look extra mouthwatering! Next on VoyeurVision are Jarrett and Herault whose show for their blonde looksies-no-touchies is hard to resist! These slim toned guys free their huge uncut monsters from their jockstrap cages before swallowing each other in a hot scene where Herault proves he's able to do things with his tongue that the Parisian guidebooks should make special note of. After eating his buddy Jarrett's hole, he offers his own ass for an expert fucksession that gets Foster aroused, but this a guy with something other than sex on his mind. These two shoot their white joy as Taylor, an American whore who we first met in part one, approaches Foster in order to do a trick with him. Foster refuses (did a plot point just fly past here') so Taylor invites blonde muscle stud Barron along instead. They participate in a great scene with rich bottom Skyler, who starts by getting both cocks dripping wet (paying attention to Barron's foreskin) before the slave in the making sucks his toes, then eats Barron out. It's not long before his spanked ass is stripped of it's underwear and they attach Barron's boots as makeshift ballweights before Skyler's ass is eaten, then fucked by Barron before Taylor rubbers up and has a go, eating ass as they grind. After an eternity of playful punishment Skyler is covered with American and German hot-sauce. Another fabulously filthy funky scene made all the more erotic that its leather-room sex actually took place in a beautiful well-lit exposed wood-beamed attic.

Guess what Foster's been thinking - the whore's life isn't for him. Sure the money's good but they kept asking him to talk afterwards. He knocks on Damon's door and they spend the night. Damon wakes up the next morning to find Foster dreamily staring at him. Now, this is supposed to be romantic but if it ever happens to you (it's happened to me) you'll probably freak out. They spend the day having romantic walks along the Seine and all those other things you are supposed to do in Paris. Like eat snails, discuss Sartre and start fights with as many of the locals as is humanly possible. They stumble across street-artist Romano, unbeknownst to everyone the new flame of Foster's shitty ex Hanson. He poses for a portrait but halfway through sees another picture - of his ex! Foster freaks and stumbles away in a panic, with Damon following confused and Romano probably thinking his paintings aren't that piss-poor. Who should come along but Hanson himself: he sees the half-finished pic of Foster and it's left up in the air. Dammit! This was made in the late nineties, which is roughly the time that fellow French filmmaker Cadinot rediscovered his muse after seven years of lying in the gutter. Did the French put something in their water supply that year' What can I say (you'll notice I made no obvious comments about the Academy-award winning Gene Hackman as "Popeye Doyle" movies) as I can criticize nothing about this pair of wonderfully passionate and totally perverted adult films. Most say the sequel is better than the first, but I disagree. I prefer the first (Meadows is way too gorgeous), but both deserve a special place in your heart - and in your porno collection!

Age: College Freshmen to Late 20s, Age: Intergenerational, Body Types: Gymnasts/Ripped/Swimmers, Body/Chest Hair: Hairy and Smooth Guys Together, Butt Play: Dildos/Plugs/Toys, Butt Play: Fisting/Extreme Assplay, Cock Sizes: Big and Thick, Cock Sizes: Horsehung/Size-Queen Alert, Deep Throating/Gagging, Dirty Talk/Verbal Abuse, Double Anal Penetration, Facial Hair: Goatees/Soul Patches, Facial Hair: None (Clean Shaven), Fetish: Cock and/or Ball Torture, Fetish: Foot Worship/Shrimping, Fetish: Leather (Extreme), Fetish: Spitting, Foreskin Play/Uncut Cocks, Group Sex/Orgy Scene, Hair Style: Guys with Balding or Shaved Heads, Men in/of France, Passionate/Tender Lovemaking, Piercings: Navels/Nipples/Tongues, Rough Sex ('Take it, bitch!'), Tattoos: Few/Moderate, Theme: Cruising/One-Night-Stands/Tricking,  Theme: Escorts/Hustlers/Prostitution, Theme: Romance, Theme: Sex Club, Threesomes/Threeways, Detailed Plot, Story or Theme, Extreme Sex

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