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Lucas Entertainment - Barcelona Nights

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Barcelona Nights
distributor Lucas Entertainment released 2006 length 128
category General Hardcore
studio Lucas Entertainment
rating out of 4 ****
produced ?
location Spain
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Buy or view this production at
director Michael Lucas
editor Jalif Studio
music DJ Elias
videography Romeo
Tony DiMarco
writer Manu Maltes
Bruce Beckham
Edu Boxer
Eduardo (le)
Francisco Reyes
Leo Rocca
Manu Maltes
Marcos DeSilva
Matt Colmar
Michael Lucas
Milan Gamiani
Ricky Ramos
Ross Stevens
Wilfried Knight
source: promotional material
Lucas Entertainment Director Michael Lucas' acclaimed International Series finally hits the shores of Spain, where the Barcelona days are hot... and the Barcelona Nights are even hotter! Join Lucas Entertainment exclusives Wilfried Knight and Bruce Beckham as they hit the town with Michael Lucas and newcomer Ross Stevens, from the underground leather bar Eagle Barcelona to the renown mega-club Space. Kinky sex, sweaty hook-ups, and plenty of raunchy drama make Barcelona Nights a trip you'll never forget!
scenes /
loops /
source: promotional material
1. Wilfried Knight OgrAtRgr, Francisco Reyes OrgAbRrg
After a hilarious opening sequence with Edu Boxer, Manu Maltes, and Francisco Reyes that hints of the hot action to come, the story begins at leather bar Eagle Barcelona, where the hottest guys in Barcelona are drinkin' it up and having a good time. Two of the guys—newly muscled-up Wilfried Knight and cutie Francisco Reyes—cruise each other and head to the back room for some hot sucking and fucking on a pile of beer kegs. Bruce Beckham, Knight's boyfriend, is pissed, even though the two have an open relationship.

2. Michael Lucas Or, Milan Gamiani OgrAbtRgr, Ricky Ramos OrgAbtRgr
Tired of all the smoke in the bar, Michael Lucas—sporting a sexy new shaved head—heads to the dimly-lit bathroom where he discovers strikingly handsome Milan Gamiani and well-endowed Ricky Ramos fooling around in the tight, little area between the urinals. Lucas starts playing with himself while watching Gamiani blow the well-hung Ramos, and he ends up jacking off in Gamiani's mouth, too. Lucas then abruptly leaves, leaving Gamiani and Ramos to eat and pound each other's monster dicks in the confined space.

3. Edu Boxer OgrAtRg, Manu Maltes OgrAtRg, Marcos DeSilva OgrAbRr
Back at the bar, it's time to close up. Bartenders Edu Boxer and harness-wearing Manu Maltes are about to clean up, but a well-sculpted bar patron, Marcos DeSilva, has stayed behind. The guys get down to business in a sweaty threesome, doing it on the bar, on the stools, on the floor—everywhere! Both Boxer and Maltes take their turns fucking DeSilva, jacking their loads all over him at the end.

4. Bruce Beckham OrgAbtRgr, Eduardo (le) OgrAbtRgr
It's morning and in their gorgeous hotel room, Bruce Beckham is still bitter with Knight about his hook-up from the night before. Knight tries to console him, and the doorbell rings with a surprise peace offering—hot student Eduardo! Eduardo and Beckham head to the Jacuzzi, where they hit it off over wine and bubbles in this beautifully shot scene. After some suds-soaked sucking, the two eat ass and flip-flop fuck to a splashy, wet conclusion.
found in compilation Filming Bruce Beckham

5. Leo Rocca OrgAbtRgr, Matt Colmar OgrAbtRgr
Furry club bouncer Leo Rocca is at home with boyfriend Matt Colmar, eating jam and croissants in bed. They get pretty imaginative with their food, rubbing it all over each other before licking and munching it off. Food fetishists are gonna love this! The real–life boyfriends then start fucking to intense exclamations of "Si!" (The Director's Edit of this scene includes extensive watersports.)

6. Bruce Beckham OgrAtbRr, Wilfried Knight OrgAtbRg, Michael Lucas OgrAtRg, Ross Stevens OgrAbRr
It's another wild night in Barcelona, and the guys hit mega-club Space where they party up a storm with chupito shots and the hottest dance music around (this scene was beautifully shot by Tony Dimarco with the club and crowd's enthusiastic permission). At the end of the night, Bruce Beckham, Wilfried Knight, Michael Lucas, and Ross Stevens head back to their apartment and kick up the heat with a fun-filled foursome. After swapping spit in the living room, they swap partners in the bedroom. Soon the action becomes and all-out orgy of poking and stroking. An explosive cum-fest leaves the guys exhausted, happy, and looking forward to their next stop… Madrid!

7. (Bonus scene)
Wilfried Knight OgrAtRg, Milan Gamiani OgrAtbRr, Ross Stevens OgrAbt
[A dildo is used on Ross Stevens.]

action notes:
O=Oral; A=Anal; R=Rim; g=give; r=receive; b=bottom; t=top;
reviews From ManNet

Director Michael Lucas' quest for world (or, at the very least, European) domination continues with "Barcelona Nights: Director's Extended Edit," a smashing, sex-soaked visit to that beautiful Spanish city.
As the title indicates, Michael doesn't waste much time with daylight travelogue footage -- so if you're looking for extended views of the Gaudi architecture, you'd do better to check out the Travel Channel. Tourists interested in the natives get a look at the other side of Barcelona, through visits to the Eagle leather bar and also a massive dance club called Space, not to mention the five sizzling sex scenes that use those locales as a jumping-off place. It's pretty safe to say that Barcelona hasn't seen this much action since the '92 Olympics.
The success of this production is in large part due to Michael's vision of moody, intense eroticism, which permeates throughout and further cements his status as an "auteur" with an immediately recognizable directing style. The cast is ocean-deep with talent, both in terms of looks and performing skills. Wilfried Knight has bulked up, and the extra muscle looks great on him (as does the full beard he sports here). Also notable is hairy hunk Milan Gamiani, who turns in a star-making performance in a men's room free-for-all with Michael Lucas and ultra-hung studpup Ricky Ramos.
After a short but very intriguing attention-grabber with Manu Maltes, Edu Boxer and their shared playmate, the very lucky Francisco Reyes, the scene segues quickly to Barcelona at night, where throngs of happy homos are living it up at the Eagle ( http://EagleSpain.com/bcn ). And who should turn up but horny Francisco, who never got his rocks off with either Edu or Manu. This leaves him primed for action when Wilfried steps up. Wilfried takes Francisco to a back room much to his lover Bruce Beckham's consternation. Maybe Bruce is just pissed that he's left out of the action, which boils with testosterone. Long, mutual cocksucking leads to Wilfried plowing Francisco's dewy, ripe ass after teasing it thoroughly with his fingers and mouth. Francisco's huge cum-shot is scintillating, and it's delivered while he's sitting on Wilfried's cock. Wilfried rises to the occasion by splattering his load all over Francisco's mouth, and they end with a raunchy kiss, as Wilfried moves in for the lip-lock as his load is still dripping from Francisco's face.
The next scene is the men's room three-way, Michael shows up just as Milan and Ricky are getting into some exploratory oral action, and then Milan drops to his knees. Michael and Ricky stand facing each other in the narrow bathroom, their huge erections crossed look like the bars of a subway turnstile. Milan's mouth is soon treated to both massive throat-openers, taking turns downing both Michael and Ricky's poles. Michael shoots a load, and with a quick kiss and a flick of his still-dripping cockhead, he exits, leaving Ricky and Milan to it.
The three-way, now a duo, that ensues is hugely entertaining. Milan and Ricky trade blowjobs, rimjobs, and fucks, and each proves to be a sexual dynamo in his own right. Milan's ass looks stunning with Ricky's erection half buried in his hole, with what looks like miles to go. The cum-shots that end the scene are equally fantastic. Ricky unloads into Milan's open, waiting mouth, and just as Ricky is spewing his last drops, Milan once again impressively swallows all of Ricky's cock. Milan then creams Ricky's face on both sides with a huge load.
By this time, it's last call at the Eagle. Manu and Edu, who run the place, end up their work shifts by wiping down the bar -- with Edu's ass, as Manu gives him a long, deliciously attentive blowjob. But the two studs aren't alone. One last patron, muscular, tattooed Marcos DeSilva, is still around, and he provides the extra little something (okay, a very big something) that serves as the catalyst for a terrific three-way. Manu and Edu look so perfect together onscreen that they could be two halves of the same mold: both are handsome machos, with juicy uncut dicks and radioactive sexual power. To be in the middle of all that energy, you need a lot of onscreen charisma not to get lost, and Marcos is no disappointment, linking his co-stars together in an unbroken chain of powerful action. Before Edu and Manu are done with him, Marcos knows what it's like to have each dude's dick invade his ass, and as Manu and Edu are athletic, energetic tops, they never give Marcos' hole a moment's rest. The scene builds to a drenching trio of pop-shots, with Marcos getting creamed by Manu and Edu.
Next, it's morning and Bruce is still pissed at Wilfried for picking up someone else at the bar. Wilfried provides Bruce with a peace (make that piece) offering in the form of gorgeous, young brunet Eduardo. Is that what they mean when they say Continental breakfast in the brochures? Wilfried excuses himself and then it's "Calgon take me away" time for Bruce and Eduardo, who submerge themselves in a luxurious tub with so much lather that it looks like Marilyn Monroe would have been right at home in it. Considering it's their only wardrobe in the scene, Bruce and Eduardo wear the suds well. Eduardo, like every other dude in the cast, has a massive cock, and he fucks Bruce's waiting mouth with it while taking dainty sips of white wine simultaneously (such perfect manners the boy has, really, you could take him anywhere!). Eventually, Mr. Bubble dies down a little and the dudes get down to some sinfully good mutually rimming and ass-fucking. Bruce's rounded ass is especially pretty to look at as Eduardo fucks it from behind, and Bruce's cock stays rock-hard through it all, sometimes bouncing high enough to slap against his hard belly with the force of Eduardo's thrusts. Eduardo is the first to blast, an orgasm helped along by light flicks of Bruce's tongue as he strokes his meat. Then, Bruce's cum drizzles in a river down Eduardo's sinewy torso as the scene fades.
In another bedroom somewhere in Barcelona, lovers Leo Rocca and Matt Colmar are busy giving "play with your food" their own twist. Leo slathers jam into his boyfriend's smooth asscrack (which looks pretty edible even before it's laced with Smucker's) and eats it out. That's just the beginning of snack time, which also includes buttery, bakery fresh croissants (that's not a metaphor). Other hungers take over from there, and these two studs seem to never be sated, hungrily downing each other's erections in a feast of sex. Their saliva-inducing oral action includes tongue-fucking in addition to cocksucking, and a stunning versatile fucking sequence that is peppered with spicy, Spanish dirty-talk. Appropriately, scene ends with more eating, but this time it's cum that's the main course. Leo's load rains down into Matt's open mouth from above, a supersize load of sperm that the two enjoy in a snowball kiss immediately after. Then, Matt strokes out an earth-shaker, another massive cum-shot that Leo tastes and then shares with Matt in another hot kiss.
In the finale, Bruce, Wilfried, Michael and Ross Stevens hook up at Space ( http://SpaceBarcelona.com ) and then going back to an apartment after downing innumerable shooters (but really, that's been going on for the entire production, hasn't it?). Some advice: there's so much primo male flesh on display in this orgy scene that you'll probably need to see it several times before you seen it all. That's not the only reason to hit the replay button, either -- the studs keep the action rocketing along at breakneck pace, and their performances, while showing off a range of diverse talents, fit together seamlessly in a smooth, yet seemingly unstaged blissfest of male sex.
The two couples play on the change partners and fuck idea, and it works like a charm, particularly Michael's ravaging of Bruce's pillowy, totally fuckable ass while Bruce makes guttural sex noises. But that is far from the only thrilling combination, and there are so many thrills onscreen that it's dizzying. All of the action is unbelievably photographed, with close-up shots expertly edited with longer shots of all four men. The scene culminates in buckets of cum, and Michael, being a good host (and director) goes last, delivering a huge shot that awes Ross as he watches.
I loved Barcelona, but Michael, what are the nights like in Seville?
DVD features (2-disc set): Chapters; audition footage; cast interviews (Bruce Beckham, Wilfried Knight, Ross Stevens, Milan Gamiani, Francisco Reyes and Matt Colmar with Leo Rocca) biographies; fisting and watersports footage; trailers; ("Barcelona Nights," "Encounters: The Heat of the Moment," "Encounters: Point of No Return," "Fire Island Cruising 5-8," "Dangerous Liaisons," "Manhattan Heat," "Lost," "Auditions 1-9"); and no regional coding (playable worldwide).
A DVD Review by Martin Cox
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