♺ Quinn C Jaxon up close and personal (both high and low res)

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Original upload: 2014-06-24 |
Not too long ago, Quinn C Jaxon  along with his manager, Bacchus Stuart travelled to a city, far far away....
                .............. Austin, Texas

In Austin, Quinn modeled nude for a photography club.

This was Quinn's first time nude modelling for a group of photographers.

The session was 3 hours long. Bacchus video taped the entire session.

Here, for the first time, is that session edited from its three hours, down to 55 minutes.


And in the end, Quinn's performance
At ClubFly, in Toronto, Canada

Video Duration 1:18:45

This torrent contains both high res and low res files of the "same video" so download any you like.

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