♺ Brutal Tops: Session 206 Master Derek

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DescriptionOriginal upload: 2014-04-26 |
Sadistic Master Derek appears fresh from the football field where he's been kicking around a ball with his mates. He is sweaty and frustrated so grabs a thrashing belt with which to threaten his pathetic sub. The master lashes out at the squirming sub and quickly reddens his arse-cheeks as he lands blows on his rear.

The sub is manhandled around and has to lick the stinking armpits of the master, stale sweat is licked away by the sub and the Master gobs into the sub's feeble, quietly complaining face. The bottom's head is rammed down and he has to use his tongue to lick his master's dirty football boots - the sub has to remove the top's socks so that he can get his tongue over the top's filthy toes.

Then the aroused master pulls off his shorts and reverses himself into the face of the sub so that the master's arse crack nuzzles against the nose of the whimpering sub. This gets the top's dick harder so he sits on the sub's face and makes him push his tongue up his smelly hole. Finally, the sub has to suck the master's big dick as the energetic top pumps up and down onto the prostate sub's face. Powerless, the sub lies on his back and can't prevent the harsh treatment which is being dished out to him.
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