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"Our main objective here at Satyr Films is to live up to your expectations of what a video fantasy should be. We are all tired of the same, boring porn. The thing that separates us from the rest is the intensity we get from our performers. We need the raw and the extreme. Why? Because we are men, and that's what being a man is about. Get ready for Raw Fuckholes!

Gianni has been going through some rough times with his girlfriend. She has a pretty good job and has been able to keep up her end of the bargain with regards to paying the bills. Gianni, on the other hand, has been jumping from job to job trying to find his niche. He answered our ad for straight guys in need of some cash. We wanted to pair him up with Rock to see what would happen.

Incredible is the only word that describes the scene between Gianni and Rock. Rock did a number on Gianni that has to be seen. Rock begins with his signature throat fucking. Gianni gasps and gurgles as his throat goes into defense mode attempting to sustain the gullet attack. His eyes bulge and tear up as Rock's thick cock goes in and out without relent. Gianni expurgates from deep within his being as his body trembles and quivers from the ramrod penetrating to his very soul. Rock wastes no time in shoving his cock into Gianni's tight butt hole. He writhes and tightens his muscular frame but to no avail. Rock brutally fucks Gianni to the point to where his face almost becomes unrecognizable. What was once a beautiful man has now become a whimpering, groaning wreck. His eyes are bloodshot and his face is swollen from the intense ass fucking.

Rock taunts Gianni as he continues to fuck him in every position possible. Gianni has finally had enough so Rock shoots his thick, creamy load deep into Gianni's gut. The cum oozes out and Rock tenderly pushes it all back in. Gianni must now go to his girlfriend and give her his share of the bills. If she only knew what he had to endure to get it.

Erin is one hot piece of straight ass. This stud got his manhole so stretched that we had him crying and begging for mercy. My favorite Erin quote out of this scene is when Erin yells: "Take it out, take it out." He's talking about the 3" wide 12" long dildo rippin' open his hole. He gets plowed so hard that his manhole refuses to close, leaving him helpless on his stomach or back. The only thing this guy can do is scream and moan.

Baxter just got dumped by his girlfriend for constantly asking her to play with his hole. Since she was a southern girl, from a very religious background, she decided enough is enough and dumped him. We stepped in to cheer up this sad, straight guy. Baxter had never before experienced the true pleasures of exploring his manhole. This tight virgin ass didn't know what was cumming. From fingers to balls to Satyr cock, we promised this guy an experience that his ex-bitch couldn't give him, and we delivered.

Rock has gotten so spoiled with all the money we give him . He needs to work extra hard to keep up his luxurious lifestyle. His girlfriend wants to quit her job since her man brings home so much dough. So now Rock's manhole has to keep on paying the bills.

Rock put his tight fuckhole on the line against our 9 inch monster cock. He screams in genuine agony as his supertight hole is stretched like it's never been stretched before.

We ravaged his ass to the point of exhaustion, stuffing it with anything and everything we could find. At the end of it Rock got a huge, creamy load up his ass. Afterward Rock told us his hole was twitching from the 9 inch cock and 3 inch anal balls that got to see the inside of his hot manhole. He said, "My hole is officially closed for repairs."

Rock and Gabriel make quite a pair. These two straight studs who have girlfriends have a real chemistry together. Rock was hired to throatfuck Gabriel only but midway through the scene these guys are so into each other that Rock shoves his fat cock deep inside Gabriel. Gabriel is really, sexy masculine guy who really can take a cock well.

Gabriel does the best he can taking Rock's cock deep inside his throat. His face goes from composed to a complete wreck in a matter of minutes. His eyes are red and watery. Rock fucks and throatfucks Gabriel like a rag doll. But Gabriel ever the man pushes back. His holes are punched and stretched to their capacity. Rock inserts his cock back and forth between Gabriel's mouth and his ass. When the finally hold back no more, Rock shoots his signature creamy load into Gabriel's mouth. The load flies uncontrolled all over Gabriel's face as well. Gabriel's girlfriend has not the slightest clue what her man has been up to. Don't ask, don't tell.

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